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  1. Mad Stitch


    Someone must have a recording of this. Out with it!
  2. Mad Stitch

    The Saber Forge: Savi’s Hand Built Lightsabers

    I'm wondering how flying home with one of these will work. Seeing Peter Mayhew had a problem with the TSA that time. It is longer then the dimensions airlines allow for a carry-on. I wouldn't want to check this item. Has anyone flown home with one yet?
  3. Mad Stitch

    Headless 5k Run

    There is a Headless 5k Run at Fort Wilderness on Oct. 31. Does anyone know anything about this? Is it new? I'll be staying at the Fort, maybe I'll do it.
  4. Mad Stitch

    Is Slinky Dog Dash closed?

    My 60 day FP window opened up today. I was looking for SDD and didn't see it. Does the weather explanation affect reservations that far out?
  5. Mad Stitch

    runDisney Star Wars Events

    I picture the medal as a spinner with the rebellion sigil on one side, the empire sigil on the other. I may need to come out of retirement for this.
  6. Mad Stitch

    runDisney Star Wars Events

    You rebel scum! I guess this means DL is not getting their race back anytime soon.
  7. Mad Stitch

    John C. Reilly confirms Wreck-It Ralph 2 is happening

    Was that Bonnie from Toy Story 3 in the back seat of the car?
  8. Mad Stitch

    News Talking Mickey to leave Magic Kingdom

    My co-worker is going in June with her family. I told her about how Micky can talk in the Magic Kingdom and to be sure to take her kids to meet him at that location. Well now I need to give her this bad news.
  9. Mad Stitch

    The Edison--details announced

    So no videos showing off the inside from the New Years Eve party last night? The vloggers are usually all over something like this.
  10. Mad Stitch

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Ep 8). SPOILERS. Plot points revealed and discussed.

    I just really hope that I get to try rotisserie Prog in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.
  11. Mad Stitch

    'Coco' El Mariachi Coco de Santa Cecilia show joins Epcot's Festival of the Holidays

    This is the first thing I thought of when I looked at that picture.
  12. Mad Stitch

    Running Heat Map

    I found this running heat map interesting, so I thought I'd share it. I zoomed in on WDW for all of you. https://labs.strava.com/heatmap/#13.27/-81.57250/28.38861/hot/run
  13. Mad Stitch

    Universal Orlando Buys 101 More Acres of Local Land

    They'll need to watch the rate at which they expand though. If they spread themselves thin by opening opening too many gates and resorts they will end up in the same situation Disney is in today struggling to keep it all relevant and new.
  14. Mad Stitch

    Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

    This is sad to read. Be careful and listen to your body when running all. http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/just-runner-collapses-dies-after-disney-wine-dine-half-marathon/XHZ2FcZh78ZcTgw22oUiiJ/
  15. Mad Stitch

    New Mickey and Minnie heads - how we feeling?

    I'm surprised they are out as often as they are. I can't see the average guest knowing who they are.
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