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  1. Lil'mermaid

    Welcome to our Circle of Friends!

    I realized last night what I paycut I'm gonna be taking going from working in a store in NY to working on campus at U Tampa. :brick: NY min wage > FL min wage.
  2. Lil'mermaid

    Welcome to our Circle of Friends!

    *pokes head in thread*
  3. Lil'mermaid

    Happy Birthday, Lil Mermaid!

    Thanks everyone!!! :wave:
  4. Lil'mermaid

    Official Photography Contest 3/23/07 - 3/29/07 Pixar

    Sometimes, I use my head for something other than a hat holder. :lol:
  5. Lil'mermaid

    Weird girl wearing stockings

    To be honest, while I don't care what other people choose to wear to the parks, I get a kick out of the people who are in heels or dresses or something "theme park inappropriate". I don't get how people can do the "Disney Death March" in a pair of spikes or pumps. Halfway through my day, I'm...
  6. Lil'mermaid

    Top 10 Things To Do On Your Own

    Sometimes I break off on my own and go over to Epcot for awhile. I eat my way through the World Showcase, ride TT as a single rider a few times, Go on a bunch of other rides, shop, get a tattoo in Morocco (really fun and doesnt take long at all) and I offer to take pictures of other people so...
  7. Lil'mermaid

    Eating Your Way Around the World

    I usually try to do this if I can get an afternoon in Epcot to myself. I usually eat something bigger in China or Japan because I love Asian food, and then I get snacks in other countries. Pastries in France, Germany or Norway, gelato in Italy, a churro in Mexico, things like that. By the end...
  8. Lil'mermaid

    Taking The Kids Out of School

    Wow, thats pretty strict. We were allowed to miss 20 for a year long class and 10 for a class that was a half year before we could be denied credit. There were exceptions though. I missed 12 one semester my senior year and had 2 taken off my record because I was out of town for a college visit.
  9. Lil'mermaid

    Taking The Kids Out of School

    I didnt have to read it out loud, so I was lucky. It was the year that we learned how to write in script, and since I had broken my right wrist earlier that year, I was already behind the rest of the kids because I couldnt hold a pen. She just wanted me to practice my letters.
  10. Lil'mermaid

    Taking The Kids Out of School

  11. Lil'mermaid

    Taking The Kids Out of School

    I've been taken out of school a few times for trips and I have had teachers be ok with and I had one that was insanely angry about it. One teacher asked that I keep a journal about what we did and saw. The angry teacher sent me with more work than the class was being given, and basically forced...
  12. Lil'mermaid

    D-Rays at Disney

    Owners CANNOT pocket that money. It MUST be put toward baseball operations, like the major league roster, scouting, or minor league roster and signing bonuses for draftees. Old D-Ray ownership did some shady stuff with the money, but who knows what the new guy is doing?
  13. Lil'mermaid

    D-Rays at Disney

    Still, its a big deal to small market teams.
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