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  1. joejccva71

    News Extra Extra Magic Hours This Fall

    That's exactly what it is too. So much pushing, shoving, elbowing, stomping on feet, etc.
  2. joejccva71

    News Extra Extra Magic Hours This Fall

    Disney needs to be very careful how they handle this EMH. If it's anything like how the RD is for Slinky Dog right now, they will have a problem on their hands. It will be unsafe.
  3. joejccva71

    News Extra Extra Magic Hours This Fall

    I already changed plans to NOT do a park the night before we're doing SWGE, and go to bed early. Going to be getting there atleast by 4am, if not 3am. I'm a member of Disney World Junkies on Facebook and many people are talking 3-4am. Probably will take Uber very early from All-Star Sports to...
  4. joejccva71

    2019 Walt Disney Company Meeting of Shareholders

    My prediction...SWGE at Disneyland June 21st. SWGE at Disney World October 21st, and everyone that planned vacations then begin to lose their minds and blame Disney for treating them unfairly.
  5. joejccva71

    Space Mountain hurts me too much to ride it again until it's repaired. Anyone else feel this way?

    When you compare Space Mountain to literally every other roller coaster not only at Disney but at Universal, it's very rough on your neck and back with the jerking. It's not smooth at all. I still love it but I can see and understand others views on this.
  6. joejccva71

    Pre-Trip First Trip of 2019 - Pop / Universal Split Stay Pre-Trip Report

    Hi everyone- Got a nice trip coming up and wanted to do a pre-trip report for you guys and after my trip I will have tons of pictures and story lines that will detail my day to day adventures. So to start off with, the trip details! How many: Two of us to start (meeting some liners later on...
  7. joejccva71

    What ride needs an update the most?

    Test Track also? The ride breaks down more than my old Ford Escort.
  8. joejccva71

    Feb 1 - 10th 2019 - WDW trip itinerary spreadsheet

    We're staying at Pop this trip. Stayed at Beach Club last time (May 2018 trip). I love park hopping and I know that it's nice to walk between Epcot and HS, or vice versa. But I honestly do it via park + Fast pass availability/selection. It's kind of a weird thing. Example: Epcot morning...
  9. joejccva71

    Feb 1 - 10th 2019 - WDW trip itinerary spreadsheet

    Yea the 10pm MK EMH on the 6th is our only one this trip. Just the way it worked out. Also for the mornings, I purposely scheduled our breakfasts as close to 8am as possible cause it lets you in the park early so you can get a jump on some attractions ahead of the crowds, like Seven Dwarfs...
  10. joejccva71

    Tusker House or Chef Mickey’s

    I've eaten breakfast at both and Tusker House was a better experience for us. Food, theming, characters.
  11. joejccva71

    Feb 1 - 10th 2019 - WDW trip itinerary spreadsheet

    I hear ya about one park a days. We actually not only get more break time but we also "do more with less" by park hopping like this. We did it on our May 2018 trip and was amazing. Example: 8am Breakfast ADR at Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom. Got in park early and once we were done eating, we...
  12. joejccva71

    Feb 1 - 10th 2019 - WDW trip itinerary spreadsheet

    Just saw this Dave. I loved Shula's but it was very expensive so going without this trip. Lol.
  13. joejccva71

    Free Disney Dining Plan offer now available for booking summer 2019

    Thing is, this isnt really free dining. Its just a discount unlike last year it previous years. You save about $600 this year while in previous years it was $1500.
  14. joejccva71

    Feb 1 - 10th 2019 - WDW trip itinerary spreadsheet

    I should probably mention that even though the spreadsheet looks like it's alot, every day has a planned break either before dinner or even after.
  15. joejccva71

    Feb 1 - 10th 2019 - WDW trip itinerary spreadsheet

    Hi guys, I would like your opinion and input. So back for my May trip I ended up making this spreadsheet up which some folks used not only from this site but also some liner friends over at Touring Plans. Now I'm going back Feb 2019 and here is my itinerary. I would like your opinions on...
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