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    Annual Passholder preview notification thread

    Thanks Don! I'll definitely go through those steps. I had zero problems with Pandora and Star Wars, but got nothing on this one.
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    Annual Passholder preview notification thread

    Did you get in? I'm hoping this one went smoothly for you after the Pandora shenanigans.
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    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    Thanks everyone, learned something new today.
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    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    Pardon my ignorance, but what's that?
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    Splash Mountain Queue BGM

    Do you have any good recordings of Let it Go?
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    Best Park Live Entertainment?

    It's Musikanten. It translates to "musicians". Luckily they're much better at music than they are at names.
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    50th Anniversary Celebrations Will they be extended?

    You're staying club level at the Poly for a year? Holy smokes, you must be loaded! :jawdrop:🤑
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    Do you think masks will be required at WDW when the state of Florida is in phase 3?

    I think they've already pretty much covered that in the guidelines set forth in the reopening of Disney Springs. I imagine it'll stay in place for the parks, especially since it's not much of a change to the existing rules: Source: under the Limited...
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    My last photo from my last to send yours?

    Syndee Winters and Michael James Scott performing at the Disney on Broadway Concert Series at Epcot. Did a long weekend trip with the wife to celebrate Valentine's Day.
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    How far would you go to get your Disney fix?

    There's a bit of ambiguity in your question that I think might be coloring people's answers: are you talking in the current state of the world with COVID-19, or more of a theoretical scenario in which the US parks ceased to exist? Because if the question is: Would you go to one of the non-US...
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    Grand Fiesta Tour Show Quality

    The Coco rumor first surfaced on this board in 2016, and @marni1971 confirmed back then there were plans... three and a half years ago. However, @Magic Feather posted as recently in September 2019 that he's pretty sure it isn't happening...
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    Virtual Queue for Star Wars Land.

    My wife and I were there less than two hours and it was plenty of time for us. My guess is that we're both towards the ends of the bell curve and your average guest will fall somewhere in between.
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    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge passholder preview notification thread

    This might sound obvious, but considering it wasn't to me... make sure you're signed in to your AP account. I didn't get an email, but used the link that was posted here. And waited.. and waited. 10 minutes later, I used the link on a second computer, and waited, and waited. On the second...
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    News Rafiki's Planet Watch is closing Oct. 21st will reopen in Summer 2019

    Here's my personal opinion, whether it be right or wrong. There's a subset of the user base here who are very pro-Zootopia. It could be my own perception, but it feels like they only come out and post when the subject is Zootopia, or when they feel like it should be Zootopia-focused. My opinion...
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    Tower of Terror Old Effect or Magical Moment?

    Was the CM wearing a King Louie costume?
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