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    Virtual Queue for Star Wars Land.

    My wife and I were there less than two hours and it was plenty of time for us. My guess is that we're both towards the ends of the bell curve and your average guest will fall somewhere in between.
  2. J

    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge passholder preview notification thread

    This might sound obvious, but considering it wasn't to me... make sure you're signed in to your AP account. I didn't get an email, but used the link that was posted here. And waited.. and waited. 10 minutes later, I used the link on a second computer, and waited, and waited. On the second...
  3. J

    News Rafiki's Planet Watch is closing Oct. 21st will reopen in Summer 2019

    Here's my personal opinion, whether it be right or wrong. There's a subset of the user base here who are very pro-Zootopia. It could be my own perception, but it feels like they only come out and post when the subject is Zootopia, or when they feel like it should be Zootopia-focused. My opinion...
  4. J

    Tower of Terror Old Effect or Magical Moment?

    Was the CM wearing a King Louie costume?
  5. J

    Zootopia at Animal Kingdom?

    Voted to bring Zootopia to Animal Kingdom. Says that it doesn't belong in Animal Kingdom. Denies being a troll. Has a Zootopia screen name. What am I missing?
  6. J

    Pre-Trip 4 Year Anniversary Trip

    HUGE kudos on this achievement! That's almost a pound and a half a week over 130 weeks. Incredible.
  7. J

    Audition for Drummers for New Drum Corps Offering

    I'm pretty sure that they're looking for ex-SCV members to perform Electric Wheelchair.
  8. J

    Children on this Trip

    My nephew is now 16 and would still not ride Haunted Mansion given fears driven by his developmental delays. Would you please like to explain to him why he shouldn't be scared to ride that ride? MAYBE?
  9. J


    Frankly, this post hurt my head. Despite my better judgment, I'll try to reply. My apologies in advance if I mess this up. - "If I didn't have a job" - If you're without a job, I'm not sure you should be spending money in which the whole "tips vs. no tips" discussion is taking place. If money...
  10. J

    Top 3 rides and at each park and overall go...

    MK - Big Thunder, TTA, Jungle Cruise Animal Kingdom - Kilamajaro Safaris, Kali River Rapids, Primeval Whirl (We dislike thrill rides) Epcot - Living with the Land, Test Track, Spaceship Earth Hollywood Studios - Not trying to be contrary, but haven't visited in the past few years
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    How long before we start seeing tattoos on Disney CM's?

    Key words: "In my opinion". Anything beyond that is conjecture, not fact. Why do you feel the need to jump to the example of "a person with a tear drop tattoo"?
  12. J

    How long before we start seeing tattoos on Disney CM's?

    Many != Most. Do you have any statistics to back this up?
  13. J

    Acts of Kindness

    Yes. That is what I'm saying. Sometimes putting things into paragraphs helps me comprehend, which is why I made my request. There seems to be an accusatory tone to your reply; what did I do wrong @Mista C?
  14. J

    Acts of Kindness

    Thanks for helping me understand. I was totally having a "derp" moment!
  15. J

    Acts of Kindness

    I'm sorry, but I can't understand what this post is about. Not to be rude, but could you please re-post this with paragraphs?
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