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  1. Jahona

    Big Reveal, New Logo

    If you're talking about all of the backlash and threats to pull production that happened the last few weeks. They are just that, threats and speculation. The one thing that speaks more to companies than current political topics is $$$, and Georgia still has some of the best tax incentives in...
  2. Jahona

    Big Reveal, New Logo

    While you're right about the design of the archway and the logo, you have to take into consideration that most brand standards don't allow for the alteration of the logo. Even if it makes the overall work better.
  3. Jahona

    News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

    You're confusing the definitions of concept art and official. If the concept art has the approval from an authorizing source it's "official." If this concept art came from a fan or outside organization then it's considered unofficial. Concept art is designed to get a look and feel. While it...
  4. Jahona

    Magic Kingdom losing evening EMHs?

    I miss those 2AM EMH. Park was mostly empty and the feel of MK at night is magical and spooky at the same time. My group is mainly mid to late morning risers so staying out late worked best.
  5. Jahona

    Epcot Photos

    Not my best photo. I was more enjoying the show then I was focusing on composition and exposure. Original photo was super under exposed which partly attributes to the grain of the image. But a little fidgeting with the raw file and a pump of saturation made for some interesting colors. IROE...
  6. Jahona

    Luggage Tags

    Here is a photo of the current luggage tags. They typically correspond to the colored band you have selected.
  7. Jahona

    Help GoPro settings

    Best settings depends on what you intend to use it for. 4k @ 30 is fine for most things if you're looking for max resolution. Personally I shot 2704x1520p @ 60 fps in order to stabilize and slow down the footage in post production, then sized down to 1080p. As for wind noise it's a by product...
  8. Jahona

    Epcot Photos

    EPCOT Evening Panorama September 23rd, 2017 by Ethan, on Flickr
  9. Jahona

    2018-Gaming discussion

  10. Jahona

    Southwest Airlines Deal

    Maybe but not typically with Southwest. Even if that flight doesn't fill up it doesn't mean that plane isn't needed for later routes. A lot of their flights move from location to the next. Southwest doesn't always follow the hub and spoke concept that the legacy airlines do.
  11. Jahona

    Southwest Airlines Deal

    Oh no I was more commenting on the fact that you most likely wouldn't need to change your flight if the Max is still grounded. I probably should have quoted a specific part of your comment. But yeah cheap airfare on Southwest is always a great thing.
  12. Jahona

    Southwest Airlines Deal

    Eh most likely if the B38M isn't cleared to fly yet by the FAA, Southwest will probably just sub out the plane for one of their -700 or -800s. Doesn't mater the plane really they would still be making money off the flight.
  13. Jahona

    Festival Center???

    My guess is that they either change up the World Showplace Pavilion or use some of the abandon space in Innoventions if the buildings aren't in demo by the end of the year.
  14. Jahona

    The Gaming Industry: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    I mean it doesn't look good, but it doesn't look bad either. Feels like it should be one of those direct for TV movies. I mean besides missing the Rock the bar for a Doom movie is really low.
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