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Recent content by Isabelle12345

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    Trip Report 5 Adults vs 1 ten month old. Guess who won?!

    Following! WoW that baby is a wild one! 😂 I agree with you on the « take your kids to Disney whenever you feel like it » mantra… My daughter’s first trip was before she turned two and everyone was telling us we should wait until she remembers more… but we have such fond memories of her being...
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    Trip Report To All Who Come to This Happy Place....Welcome (BACK)! A Disneyland Trip Report

    Following! We are Canadians as well and craving some Disney time… Hoping your experience will convince us to make it happen sooner than later!
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    Trip Report Let's try a live report this time! May 1-6

    Following! Too bad about the flight delay... I hope you got a good night sleep!
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    Trip Report The One Where We're Finally Mom & Dad!

    Following! Your daughter is precious!
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    Trip Report Just enough

    Following! What a great surprise!
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    Trip Report *COMPLETED* Don't Forget To Make A Wish!!

    Following! Loved your previous trip reports! Your daughter is precious! (We will be in Disney at the same time as you will!)
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    MK on Princess Half day Feb 23rd

    When I was in Disney in June we had a PPO Be our guest reservation and we took a bus right around 7 for a 9AM opening... I thought MK buses ran 1 hour prior to the 8:00 Main Street opening?
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    MK on Princess Half day Feb 23rd

    We are going to MK on Sunday Feb 23 which is Princess Half Marathon race day. I know there will be road closures and buses will be directed to ttc so we want to leave way ahead to be there for rope drop (and ideally around 8:15 to stroll on Main Street) We will be leaving from Pop What time...
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    Pre-Trip When your husband says “I think I’m ready to go back”, who am I to say no? - April 2020 then June/July 2020 now WHO KNOWS 😩 Thanks Corona 😒

    WoW I also have an almost three year old who is obsessed with Frozen these days... singing and dancing in her Elsa dress every morning before daycare... she is SOOOOOO excited that she will get to meet Elsa Anna and Olaf soon! My 5yo son is a bit disappointed that Kristoff and Sven are not there...
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    News PhotoPass at some character locations being replaced by automated cameras

    Glad to hear they went back to real photographers! It makes a huge difference! Hopefully this will last 🤞🏻
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    Trip Report This Ones for You...

    Enjoying your report so far! Looks like you had a great time!
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    Pre-Trip Prayers for Pixie Dust - NYE at WDW with a Toddler Pre-Trip Report

    Following! We are going in February with our 2 1/2 daughter (and our 5-year-old son) so I am excited to see what you have planned!
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