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MK on Princess Half day Feb 23rd

We are going to MK on Sunday Feb 23 which is Princess Half Marathon race day.
I know there will be road closures and buses will be directed to ttc so we want to leave way ahead to be there for rope drop (and ideally around 8:15 to stroll on Main Street)
We will be leaving from Pop
What time would you suggest we get on the bus? Does 7:00 sound reasonable?
Any experience of previous years?


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Buses to MK are unlikely to be running at 7 am for a 9 am park opening. The "official" policy is one hour prior to park opening, but sometimes buses will begin 90 minutes prior. The earliest you should be at the bus stop is 7:30 am.

We left Pop via bus at 8 am on Princess Half Marathon Day 2016. It was a slow, congested journey to the TTC, where we boarded the ferry to MK. We finally made it inside the park (after going through bag check and the turnstiles) at 9:15 am. The good news is that everyone was stuck in the same traffic jam and we were able to ride three Fantasyland attractions (including 7 Dwarfs Mine Train) in an hour.
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When I was in Disney in June we had a PPO Be our guest reservation and we took a bus right around 7 for a 9AM opening...
I thought MK buses ran 1 hour prior to the 8:00 Main Street opening?
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