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    Grand Floridian to MK Walkway

    Presumably electrical lines for lighting weren't previously run so I'd assume that is another task to add to the list along with the actual installation of light poles.
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    Disneyland's Marketing Strategy for 2020??? Because 2019 Was A Mess!

    They also need to fast-track the table service restaurant. It seems like everything up to this point was intended to limit how long people stayed in the land (small cantina, no restaurant, no entertainment/characters, etc). They built the biggest land in any Disney park and then cheapened out...
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    Is new leadership needed at this point?

    I feel like another issue Disney has is that they only seem to build new D & E ticket attractions anymore. I get it, E tickets draw the oohs and aahs, and I know we'd all shame Disney if they aired commercials showing a dinky A or B ticket attraction to try and entice people to visit, but their...
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    Stupid guest behavior at theme parks

    On the Little Mermaid attraction a mother let her 3-4 year old daughter stand on the seat to get a better view in the clam shell next to us. She didn't have her arm around or try supporting her in any other way either. It's bad enough standing up on any ride but on a ride that twists and turns...
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    Rumor BatB Rumor from Screamscape

    Obviously, we all know these sites/blogs/podcasts are out there trying to drive traffic to themselves. The reason they make comments about specific attractions being added is because they can only discuss what's known so we get rumors like this that seem to be shot down pretty easily. It's...
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    News Buzzy’s been stolen?

    I can't understand how people think Disney would hastily remove an animatronic resulting in a mess of wires and everything else we're led to believe about the scene. Disney controls the park. They control the building. If they were concerned something that valuable was at risk they should...
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    News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser coming to Walt Disney World 2021

    To me, I think Disney's idea of "seamlessly connecting" is going to be something along the lines of skipping the ticket booths and scanners in front of HS and instead being able to go directly to the SW:GE portion of the park. Sort of like the advantage to staying at the Grand Californian and...
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    Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway - Disneyland

    So, the first and only ride dedicated to Mickey & Minnie and it's gonna have to close early because of fireworks fallout? Unless they are going to build a long, covered opening from the RR tracks back to this new planned entrance? The location is good in that it seems to minimize any...
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    Future Disney Press Releases That Would Not Surprise You

    Fastpass for every attraction because it works so well at WDW.
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    MNSSHP fastpass question

    So, now that there's a window from 6-7pm when the park closes to regular guests at 6p and the party officially starts at 7p does anyone know if you can get in a stand-by line for something at 5:59p and be allowed to ride it? Or, are regular day guests expected to be out of the park by 6p and...
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    Poll: Disneyland has outgrown Sleeping Beauty Castle

    Don't forget that Walt looked at the original castle design and said "Nope, we definitely need to turn this thing around because I like the backside better." So, to say the castle has always been perfect for the park is to forget that even Walt wasn't happy with it before it was built. As to...
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    Rolly Crump Exhibit + Auction @ Van Eaton (4/10 - 4/28)

    Quite the interview with him. Very pointed with his comments and remarks but probably to be expected of a man at his age who says what he thinks. Definitely some good backstories and history from him though. “No one is trying to keep charm in the park, and I've had enough of it.” “The...
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    Tropical Hideaway

    Can I get on the twitter call out list by pointing out that @raven24 is actually correct in saying "you're" since her statement is "I know you are there" (correct use of that contraction) and phantazmick is actually wrong in calling her out? Using that spelling of "your" is attempting to make...
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    Candlelight Ceremony 2017 - Chris Hemsworth

    I have no idea who's done it in prior years but with SW8 coming out in 2 weeks and Mark Hamill already having made one huge surprise appearance in the parks recently it would seem he would be the big, surprise guest they are waiting to announce.
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