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    Where are the best places to find the Disney Hawaii shirts?

    Thanks. Yup. I don't live anywhere near WDW or DL. So basically if it's not on mouseshoppe, ebay, reyns, or disneystore.com (which I check daily) I'm interested to know. I'm really trying to find the Wall-E, Monsters Inc and Princess and the Frog Hawaiian shirts that I know are circling...
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    Where are the best places to find the Disney Hawaii shirts?

    I'm bumping this as I have recently got into buying Disney Hawaiian / Aloha shirts. Hawaiian shirts are very standard business attire where I live, and also very expensive. So why not spend the money on something a little more fun :). Anyone know where I can find some or know anyone who's...
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    Am I being bratty?

    Who's paying for it? if she's chipping in 50/50 she should get a say in it. Or perhaps you make up the difference for the extra amenities you like. ~G p.s. I'm kind of the same too. I like to do vacations my way of "right" which is nicer, I want to feel like I'm on vacation when I go on...
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    Take a look at what I found!

    Lol I don't see em cus I live in Washington and I'm from Guam..no gators in either place. But if I were to see em..I'd probably just think it was part of the Animal Kingdom lol. ~G
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    Did I Really Just See That.....in Disney World?????

    The spanking with a belt in front of a public place is a bit much. I doubt she should lose her kid or go to jail for that, but she probably should've done something less intense for the misbehavior, not to mention considering where she is. A nice little yank on the ear "I TOLD YOU GET OFF THE...
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    Did I Really Just See That.....in Disney World?????

    White trash-ish family hanging out at Disney Land....uber fat Mom looks to Dad and points to kid and says "He wants ice cream". Dad turns around and says "no....YOU want ice cream! don't give me that crap!". Mom responds "Come on, I'll buy you a beer". Not really crazy, but it was HILARIOUS! ~G
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    Bag or Backpack at Disney World?

    I wore a medium size camel pak. My fiancee wore a small one. Mine held 100 ounces of water, hers around 32 ounces. We both had plenty of water for the day (hers required a refill every now and then) and was very easy to carry without some dumb water bottle dangling at your side the hole time...
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    What's your darkest Disney secret?

    Soarin' was pretty boring to me, and I didn't get what all the big deal and hype was about when I finally rode it. ~G
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    Is there a comprehensive list of the free buttons available?

    Yup. Proposed to my gf end of May and we got Just Engaged buttons to wear the rest of the trip. ~G
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    Disney discontinuing resort specific merchandise.

    That's sad. IMO though some resorts have "cooler themes" than others. So maybe they should keep the resort specific merch for those resorts. I.e. AKL, Polynesian Resort, Grand Floridian. But Disney is a business, gotta do what they gotta do. ~G
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    Refillable mug

    Sturdy material = Yes Size = Small, like 14 ounces maybe? it's good for kids, but honestly only for when you're hanging at the resort. If you're headed out for the day, it'll last only a third of the day, then you gotta lug this plastic mug around the rest of the day that you can't refill...
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    For those who go to WDW solo, do you try to find romance there?

    I think Disney World would be a great place to take a date or someone you're interested in to share the magic with. But as far as meeting someone there, yeah probably not the best location. Since it's mainly for families and kids. MOst people dont' want to be well.."hit on" at WDW. And even as...
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    Victoria & Alberts.....views?

    go to www.yelp.com and check out the many reviews on there, i think the average is 5/5 star out of 24 reviews, which is pretty impressive. Here's a direct link to my review: http://www.yelp.com/biz/victoria-and-alberts-lake-buena-vista#hrid:AkVt32nDMijoq_u5GIQpVw/src:self ~G
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    Ever Had Any Issues With Those Bags?

    Yup. The sad truth is you may not have had the thought even cross your mind, but a few rotten others have and did do just that. Take the bag in a crowded store, stuff things in it, and walk out pretending it was merchandise they already bought. It happens in retail everywhere. When I worked in...
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    How many of us have conceived a child while at WDW?

    The title of this thread needs to be changed to TMI. ~G
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