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    News PHOTOS - Large mature Oak Trees being transplanted around property from the TTC

    This had to be a logistical nightmare those trees there if they came from a distance. I didnt even realize it was possible to relocate trees that size
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    News Disney Has Purchased Approximately 235 Acres of Land

    Good to see they're taking advantage of the gift of space with less to do than at DL 😒
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    Why doesn't Disney implement virtual ques regularly?

    I agree 100% and IMHO the old fast pass system was far better than the hyper planning system in place today. I'm not a tech guy, but the virtual que seems to be an option to go back to the old system without abandoning the tech they have in place. The tech that I think I remember reading that...
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    Why doesn't Disney implement virtual ques regularly?

    After reading how smooth the virtual que has been running for RotR, it got me thinking; Why doesn't Disney use virtual ques in place of standby or fast pass? Joining a virtual que when you get to the park seems 100x better than hyper planning what rides you can ride a month before you check in.
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    Smugglers Run on Windows

    Did Fox or Lucas Films produce The Matrix by any chance? I know they're trying to tie in as many IPs as possible, but this is getting out of hand
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    Guest Surveys as way to gauge interest in new rides/shows: how does this work?

    I believe @hauntology is referring to the amount of IP being forced into every thing they build or refurbish
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    Skilled Trade Question

    Thanks for the info. I'll probably look into it even though the pay would be low. Its close to impossible to find a job without atleast 2-5years experience where I'm from so I'll take anything at the moment lol.
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    Skilled Trade Question

    I was just recently EPA certified as an HVAC mechanic and I was wondering if Disney employs people in skilled trades or are they subcontracted out?:veryconfu
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    How Many Days for You (part 4)

    2 days away!! time is dragging by like no other, i can't take it!!
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    TTA Closure?

    I've been reading on these boards for the past couple of years and saw that TTA is closed until August 24. Does anyone know if there is a chance of the ride opening before hand? I'll be in the World from the 13-23 and I feel a trip isn't complete if I don't ride TTA.
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