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    Coronado vs POFQ Early June 2018

    If you've stayed at POFQ and not Coronado then I would definately do Coronado.
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    Favorite Snack from The World (Not Best Value)

    White chocolate covered marshmellows dipped in oreo crumbs on a stick. Downtown Disney.
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    Distance to stay from Disney?

    Where is the view rate calendar? I can't find it anywhere. I only see where you put in specific dates. It would be great to see the whole year.
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    Distance to stay from Disney?

    I agree. Go for a shorter time, on property and maybe have your friend come stay a few nights to help split cost of hotel. Oh and if you can catch free dining time that is a huge savings.
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    Fastpass for Festival of Lion King?

    FOTLK is my favorite. I got fastpass for that one time and it was the worst seat Ive had. Ive always sat pretty close up. With fastpass I didnt think we had to be there early. We walked in and had to sit up top in the last rows. I was so disappointed.
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    Requesting building at Pop

    I had requested a building and view at the time of booking and then called close to before the trip to make sure it was in their notes. We got the request.
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    Need Advice-Staying at Pop Century for the first time!

    Ive stayed at POP and loved it. Gorgeous view of the bridge over the lake connecting to AOA. What is great is that coming back from the parks whichever bus line is shorter you can take and just walk over. I would tell them right away your bed preference and then again the week of.
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    When to go!?

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    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    But whose counting....
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    To Pop or not to Pop?

    I like staying at a different place each time as well. What I loved about staying at POP is that the view of the bridge over the lake connecting POP to AOA is gorgeous. At night from the parks whichever bus line was the shortest between the 2 resorts is the one we would take and could just walk...
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