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    Who is the Greatest Disney Villain?

    Ursula- she's so hot... J/k- she just oozes personality and is so duplicative.
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    Should Mickey & Friends Be More Like The Looney Tunes?

    I don't think Disney needs to take a page from Looney Tunes- it is a different kind of humor. Although I do agree that it is nice to see Mickey with some personality again in the new shorts- he was definitely an icon for too long. But, can we talk about Looney Tunes?!? They really fell by the...
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    If you had to spend the quarantine in a World Showcase pavilion?

    Mexico- eating mexican food WHILE riding Gran Fiesta 😍😍😍😍😍
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    Rumor: Jungle Book Boat Ride at Animal Kingdom

    I feel like Epcot has its fair share of boat rides in World Showcase with Frozen and Mexico already. A third boat ride seems like a lot given the small number of rides in World Showcase.
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    Should Marvel have it’s own theme park

    As has been said before, a generic cityscape environment (NY, etc) would be pretty boring for a park. Yes they have other worlds like in the Thor movies but I think in general the landscapes are not as iconic or places people would want to visit i.e. Carsland, Avatar, Hogwarts, etc
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    Name one Disney attraction you miss so much it hurts

    Soarin 1.0 was a near-perfect attraction for me and is far superior in every way to Soarin 2.0. I miss the smells flying over the orange grove and it was one of my absolute favorite rides. 2.0 has no such claim on my heart and I wish they would revert it back- I don't care if the film was...
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    How much of Disney World has to be open for you to go?

    Maybe a silly question, slightly off topic, but does Disney survive this? I mean, if people stay away for a year or two, can they bounce back? I am not trying to be a doom and gloomer, and I pray I am wrong, but....I know Disney is a mammoth corporation and they have a lot of money- but won't...
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    Former VP Details Original Star Wars Land Plans

    Are you suggesting there is a chance Animation Courtyard could become Monsters Inc or Pixar themed? Any chance this would result in an added path between animation and RnRc courtyard? Please, oh please...
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    Does anyone else miss bugs land?

    I wish when it was demolished it could have been somehow brought to Animal Kingdom. I think it would have been a cute little addition to the park.
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    Beauty and the Beast dark ride

    Cogsworth is terrifying on that poster!
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    My Love of the Parks is Dwindling. Not sure what to do.

    What if Walt gave up when he faced rejection and setbacks??? Don't give up- believe in yourself! It is okay if your dreams change but don't let others change your view of your dream.
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    Rank the Disney parks you have attended from best to "least"

    What about Mermaid? That is a huge people-eater that is a decent time. But people poo all over that. I think Disney does more than one minute rides but I understand what you mean. I think Disney would be wise to build more C and D ticket smaller rides to help disperse crowds.
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    Favorite Batman Movie

    Batman Returns all the way! It is dark and over top but Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman- wow. Talk about a performance (and quite hot). =) I loved her evolution and the dance scene with Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Keaton as Bruce and Selina when they realize who they both are but still keep...
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    Rain forest Cafe :'(

    We ate there last trip as a fun experience, and I will never do it again. The food was appalling.....I kind of wished this would become something different.
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