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    Rumor New Monorails Coming Soon?

    The trains are receiving more than cosmetic upgrades. It's a lot of work in progress. Coral has stuff being tested, and hopefully implemented on the other trains. Teal and Lime have received full running gear replacement and thorough inspection of the underlying frame.
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    News Monorail switch broken

    If the Epcot line is still up and running, but the resort line is down they will run bus service for the resort loop replacement and guests would still need to transfer at TTC. If both were down then they would either go that route and have a central bus pick up at TTC for the Epcot half, or...
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    Massive power outage effecting Magic Kingdom Resorts

    It wasn't a monorail breakdown. The entire MK area lost power.
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    Monorail colors

    Blue (Silver Delta), Teal (White Delta), Coral (in refurb), Lime (Blue Delta), Silver (Black Delta), Red (Black Delta), Black (Red Delta), Orange (Black Delta), Green, Peach, Yellow, Gold.
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    Monorail Orange loses all power causing evacuation

    You know that just because a monorail loses power, especially that close to a station, doesn't mean something is broken. Could have just as easily been an intentional power loss due to a situation on the platform.
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    Is there any news on the Epcot monorail?

    What time of day were you making the transfer? During the mornings the express line isn't bringing back guests from MK. The resort line always has the walk up/down ramps to get to the Epcot line. So if you're travelling during that time it would explain why you never encountered the crossover...
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    News Refurbishment coming soon to Disney's Polynesian Village Resort - Moana details to be included

    That's a reflection on monorail red that is being mistaken for dirt. Also on the beam cleanliness those beams are clean. In the past the Poly decided to paint the beam that went through the hotel property. You can actually see the roller strokes in the same picture I mentioned above. It will...
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    Is there any news on the Epcot monorail?

    Once the distancing requirements on bus transportation drops down to more normal levels the strain on the bus drivers will also be reduced. Remember it takes 3 times the busses right now to account for the guest traffic. Once busses are at a normal capacity we will have 3 times the bus drivers...
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    Is there any news on the Epcot monorail?

    I should have clarified better. The only way to get trained is to leave your current department. Transportation doesn't have cross-training like say a set of attractions in one of the parks. It's only one at a time.
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    Is there any news on the Epcot monorail?

    Not without the training of course. That leads to another issue regarding cannibalizing staffing from one department to supplement another. Many cast have transferred from their original location to busses, but that still isn't enough and leaves the other departments short handed.
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    Is there any news on the Epcot monorail?

    One word... Staffing. You think the busses are the only transportation method that is short on cast? If the Epcot monorail were to open up tomorrow it would cut deeply into the cast that are needed for the other stations. So instead of being able to efficiently move guests from MK/Resorts to the...
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    Monorail Service Temporarily Suspended at Walt Disney World

    The monorails were only down about 4 hours for this. They restarted operation around 6pm on Friday and ran the remainder of the evening.
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    Monorail beam cleaning?

    There was a time when someone thought that painting the beam was a good idea...
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    News Holidays 2020 at Walt Disney World

    Let's say you have dinner with friends and your all ready to go at 5, but your boss comes in and says "hey, this customer can't come until 5:30 I need you to stay". Would you quit because of that, are you that childish? No, you suck it up and do it because you like your job, but it doesn't mean...
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    News Holidays 2020 at Walt Disney World

    It seems I struck a few chords giving my opinion on a matter than many may not think about. Very few CM's I'm around enjoy being extended. Are they going to take the extra money, of course, but many more would give that extra 15.00 for that hour they now have to spend at work.
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