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  1. Fievel

    Silent Thread

  2. Fievel

    This is terrible! (Thread orginally posted 9/11/2001)

    I will never...ever forget that day. The day that changed the very way we live our lives. I was but a kid back then and I remember spending my day in the old chat room on this site talking in real time with everybody. We cemented something special here that day. Most of us old members aren't...
  3. Fievel

    Adding dining plan to existing reservations

    Hello all - long time no see :) My wife and i have booked at vaca at the Poly in May to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. We used a pin code discount to get a good rate. At the time, we did a "room only" reservation because we are annual passholders. I called tonight because we were...
  4. Fievel

    Water cup change??

    We found that if you request water from a Starbucks, you not only get a HUGE cup of ice water, but the water is of very good quality...we would stop there when it started warming up and they would last us a few hours. :)
  5. Fievel

    For those confused about the Silent Thread...

    Here is today's flag retreat ceremony.
  6. Fievel

    For those confused about the Silent Thread...

    It seems fitting that as I read the threads from that day I sit in the magic Kingdom waiting for the flag retreat ceremony....I thought it was important to be here for it on this day.
  7. Fievel

    For those confused about the Silent Thread...

    A lot of us have grown up and have real life that prevents us from being as active as we used to be. If seems we all come together on this day again. We forged a kinship that can't be broken that day.
  8. Fievel

    For those confused about the Silent Thread...

    Thank you mightyduck. It was a day I'll never forget...
  9. Fievel

    Silent Thread

  10. Fievel

    This is terrible! (Thread orginally posted 9/11/2001)

    I'm always amazed that I didn't post more in this thread. Back then we had an active chat room that was always jumping with somebody in it. I think I spent the better part of the day, after the Target I was working in at the time closed. We all just watched the news all day and mourned a dark...
  11. Fievel

    Silent Thread

  12. Fievel

    How many runDisney miles have you run?

    Just completed the Glass Slipper Challenge. I'm up to 111 even now :)
  13. Fievel

    Marching Band question

    It's been almost 20 years since I've done it but it doesn't sound like the routine has changed a whole lot. Your group will go in the main gate. Any equipment (uniforms, instruments, etc) will go by a group of trailers parked backstage between splash mountain and pirates. You'll have Magic...
  14. Fievel

    Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend

    We'll be doing the GSC as well. We were going to defer and then we figured out we could make the trip to WDW after all. We are a bit of lack of training, but we have a good strategy going in so I think we'll be okay.
  15. Fievel

    What did you do?

    3rd race weekend in a row for us here....we ran the Brewers half marathon. We were a bit concerned about weather as it rained overnight and most of the drive into Milwaukee. The rain stopped before we got there, and had great weather for a race. We had our best half of the year....although still...
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