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    Child Swap

    Hi Everyone! We have booked a week in October. For the first time we are going with friends. Their youngest will be about 20 months when we go. We have only ever done child swap at Disney and it's been a while since our youngest is 7, how does it work at Universal? Thanks!
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    What is the one WDW hack you swear by?

    My number one tip that I tell ANYONE going to Disney is - Get to the parks when they open! You can accomplish so much in the morning. I know Disney can get a little tiring, but for us - we have always preferred to wake up early and get to the Parks at opening. Take mid day breaks. With or...
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    Duty free at MCO?!

    Hmmm!! Thanks! :) I wasn't aware of that. It has been a long time since I have flown out of the country....and even then I wasn't old enough to buy liquor! :happy: Welllll...there goes that idea! lol
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    Duty free at MCO?!

    I have flown into MCO about a dozen times....and I cannot remember if they have a Duty Free. We are usually just thinking of heading straight to the Magical Express! :D We are flying from LGA to MCO, and would love to pick up a bottle or two of Wine. We are flying Jetblue if that matters...
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    Pop Century or All-Star Sports

    I have stayed in both - and prefer Pop. We are going in September, and were able to get the free dining...and since they are currently working on refurbishing the rooms, we're hoping we can request and get an updated room.
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    Disney Magic - NYC

    What is everybody planning on their Disney Day? We do Disney every year....we probably won't make it out there from now till the Cruise so we will be SUPER excited to Spend one day at the parks and plan on making the MOST of that day. We hope to get off the ship as early as we can...and head...
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    Disney Magic - NYC

    We are doing the 10/15. We also have a bday! My older sons bday is 10/10 so this is gonna be one great Bday Gift!! We live in queens, so were literally a 15 min drive from Port. Since it's a Saturday i'll make sure my mom drops us off a bit early. Even though were a borough away - traffic...
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    Disney Magic - NYC

    @wogwog Palo is a MUST! My husband isn't sold on it YET...I still have over a year to convince him! lol Yeah the open house for the Kids clubs are a must since we will have our two boys with us. They will be 9 and 3.5 at the time of sailing. I'm happy they get to be in the same club...
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    Disney Magic - NYC

    That's perfect..."wading" is a doable for my husband...and two boys! By the time we go on this trip my oldest will have JUST turned 9 (5 days before we're set to cruise!) & my youngest will be 3 going on 4. So I am hoping that they'll be a bit more adventurous by then. The biking sounds so...
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    Disney Magic - NYC

    OMG I am going to go in research overload! lol. I'm actually glad we have so many AT SEA days - it gives us time to really do lot's on the ship! We get one day at Disney World - so a few park hours will be a nice little perk! I looked up some excursions....and one at is a must will be the...
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    Disney Magic - NYC

    Ohhhh....I have to look for one for people departing on Oct 15, 2016!! :) This will be our first know aside from the Happiest Little Cruise to Sail! lol If any one of us are scared....we'll find out after we board!! haha!
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    Pre-Trip No Kids....did I just say that? Yup - NO KIDS!

    Long away is right! lol. It is awesome that we can book it so far in advance though....we get to pay little by little....and just read up on cruising!
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    Disney Magic - NYC

    Hey Everyone! So this morning we bit the bullet and FINALLY booked our first DISNEY CRUISE! How could we say no to crossing that off of my Disney Bucket List when it was leaving from NYC! We don't have to pay for air fare, transfers, hotels, parking...just the cruise! So we are SUPER excited...
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    2016 Disney Cruise Itinerary Information

    So excited - booked 10/15 from NYC!
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    Disney Cruise FAQ's

    Thanks so much! Tomorrow they start booking the Magic out of NYC and I want to make sure that i'm all set to book it :)
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