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  1. elizs77

    DIRECTV Loses Viacom Channels

    Must be that time of the year. Our local NBC affiliate is gone from the TWC lineup, and it's been replaced with a channel from Pennsylvania. Same fight as the DirectTV one but between Hearst Communications and TWC.
  2. elizs77

    Toy Story Mania Wii Reviews

    We pre-ordered from Target for our 6 year old Wii and Toy Story Mania fanatic. Since it's for him, I'm not to worried about it! I'm sure he's going to think it's great.
  3. elizs77

    How far is the airport you usually fly out of from your home?

    We live 30 minutes from PTI airport in Greensboro, but we've never flown out of there when going to Florida. This year, we saved roughly $500 by flying out of Charlotte, which is about 80 minutes away. There is one super discount airline that flies out of Greensboro to Sanford on certain days...
  4. elizs77

    Magical Exspress

    The second CM (first in the line) scanned our vouchers and verified departure date. Nothing's changed here - you'll be given a letter outlining return procedures, and you'll get the official time letter the day before checkout on your door like always.
  5. elizs77

    Magical Exspress

    There are CMs there to guide you through the process. When we arrived on July 30, the CM asked if we had our vouchers. I said yes. She said we got to skip the counter and go straight to the line. There was a CM there to check the vouchers, then another to guide us to the right line.
  6. elizs77

    Magic Kingdom was a wreck last week

    Like I mentioned before, I didn't see really any issues with the MK three weeks ago. The only thing I can REALLY think of is that the vehicles at BLSRS did look like they needed a facelift. But maybe that's because we are now in love with Toy Story Mania instead. Other than that, I thought...
  7. elizs77

    Park Security

    I had the same experience 3 weeks ago. We had a diaper bag backpack, and we kept our ponchos under the stroller. With the bag, some just looked on top, others opened every single zipper and looked in every nook and cranny with a flashlight and stick. With the stroller, some guards didn't...
  8. elizs77

    Magic Kingdom was a wreck last week

    I was there three weeks ago. No trash abounding. No tarps up except in Fantasyland. A/C was most definitely running any time we went inside.
  9. elizs77

    Top four snacks to get under the Disney dining plan

    One of my favorites is the chocolate dipped rice krispy treat! We brought a lot home this time from our snack credits. It was nice to have a bit of Disney for a few more days.
  10. elizs77

    Le Cellier ADR

    I booked my trip a month before we went, so I missed the whole 10+90. I was able to snag one online for dinner by just trying over and over and over. I tried whenever I thought about it. I just happened to get one about a week before we left (we were there earlier this month). Try, try and...
  11. elizs77

    Toy Story Mania Now an App on your Iphone or Ipod Touch!!!!

    Yep, and we just did a reserved game thingy at Target. You get a $5 GC when you pick it up.
  12. elizs77

    Car Seat/Stroller

    Oh, I always think One Step Ahead is one of the most expensive places! Have you tried Craigslist or eBay?
  13. elizs77

    FASTPASS no longer distributed at the Studios evening Extra Magic Hours

    Nothing. But they aren't supposed to be able to access the rides. At EMH in the MK on 8/2, I had to show my KTTW before entering any queue.
  14. elizs77

    Performer dies days after fall

    What a classy, good guy he was to think to leave and not be in front of the kiddos. I can't even begin to imagine how much pain he was in, and he still had the thought to do that.
  15. elizs77

    Walk to AKL from AK?

    I noticed from EE that it would be quite a hike to AKL! It's not as close as you would think.
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