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    Motion Sickness - How Do You Prepare / Prevent it?

    My girlfriend just won't do those rides because of the motion sickness. I kinda tricked her into Everest (she now calls it Neverest). She won't even go on Soarin'. Plenty of slow rides for her to ride though.
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    Streaming The Magic - Facebook Page

    Got people pulling in millions to stream video games on line. Not sure why this would exactly shock anyone. It's not particularly easy to build a solid viewership that turns a profit doing these things.
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    Rivers of Light closing

    Thankfully, I saw it before Disney neutered it. It was a great show at one time. There are some good HD videos of the original show on Youtube.
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    In what ways will COVID-19 change how you vacation at Disney?

    If I'm being direct. It won't affect how I vacation at Disney World, because we will not be going to Disney World until a vaccine is available or Florida gets their collective heads out of their ***.
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    Should WDW open?

    This. There are lots of rules, but very little accountability occurring. I honestly don't even know what mechanism is being used to enforce the rules here in Pennsylvania. Local law enforcement wants nothing to do with it, that's for sure.
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    I have a feeling we're all going to have different interpretations of the word 'manageable' when it comes to queue times.
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    Disney Springs testing new no-stop security scanner for new entry screening when the parks reopen

    God, I hope this works. As awful as this situation has been, some of the amazing innovations and tech coming as a result, are very welcome.
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    Do you really want to return quickly?

    Asked our agent to reschedule for September. We had a trip planned mid-April.
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    Disney will be open on April 1st of 2020???

    Just asked our travel agent to push our vacation out to late September once WDW announces April closings. We were booked 4/19 thru 4/26. No way WDW is open in April. Even our local amusement park pushed their opening day till mid-May.
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    Splash Mountain...don't want to get soaked

    We watched group after group get off Kali bone dry. Of course, our group came off like a bunch of drowned rats. Like...***. 😂
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    Splash Mountain...don't want to get soaked

    I've only gotten wet on Splash once. Ironically, it wasn't at the end. Our boat get drenched on the way into the ride by another boat that came down the drop on our right. :rolleyes:
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    Who has NEVER been to a rope-drop?

    We're there to relax. Waking up a the ***-crack of dawn, scarfing down breakfast and standing in line at the park entrance isn't my idea of relaxing. So no. Never done a rope-drop.
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    News Spaceship Earth Refurb - 2 Year Closure

    I haven't read much of this thread, but I'm hoping it's still a pretty chill and relaxing ride after the refurb. Glad its shutting down in May. We'll get to see it one last time this April.
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    Would it be better with no standby lines?

    We don't touch standby unless it's less than 15-20 minutes anyway.
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