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  1. dreamfinder

    Obstructed Savannah "Standard" View at AKL

    You can see a sample picture from AllEars below (found here -> http://allears.net/animal-kingdom-jambo-house-villas-photo-gallery/)
  2. dreamfinder

    ? about Dining Plan

    There are some calculators online, or you can just look at the menus and see the actual current costs. If the dining plan fits your eating style, then you might be able to come out ahead. But it's better to run actual numbers instead of just ball-parking.
  3. dreamfinder

    Obstructed Savannah "Standard" View at AKL

    At AKL Jambo house unless the room number has the DVC logo on it, it would be a standard hotel room. (Unless it is one of the presidential type suites)
  4. dreamfinder

    News Blizzard Beach closing for extended refurbishment this year with enhancements coming

    Perhaps there is some way to modify the shape so it is more halfpipe like? That would completely fit.
  5. dreamfinder

    Fall discount offer

    The room discount (up to 20%) seems to be on par with what they have offered for the last few years for those time periods, with the exception of the weekend blackouts. So slowly chipping away by knocking off the weekends?
  6. dreamfinder

    Fall discount offer

    Use a Disney TA like @Kingdom Konsultant and let them deal with it on the TA lines? Which is why they have been trying to walk back the discounts. Reconditioning behavior takes time.
  7. dreamfinder

    Fall discount offer

    They are just targeting the dates they are showing slowness. Wouldn't be surprised if they are skipping Oct for free dining to not ding their F&W sales via tons of snack credits. The room only discount dates exclude the weekends during that time, so F&W still seems to be bringing people in...
  8. dreamfinder

    What did you do?

    2.15 today
  9. dreamfinder

    Questions regarding air travel with little ones.

    Strollers will be left at the end of the ramp when you board. Just get a gate check tag from a gate agent. Car seats are entirely up to you. I would strongly recommend using one, if for no reason other than comfort for the child. Especially if they are used to long trips in the car. Our son...
  10. dreamfinder

    Experiencing all the WDW resorts

    Just go and walk around or make ADRs? If you want to actually stay there, there is no magic secret to it. CM rates are usually the best, then perhaps TAs, and then whatever assorted discounts they offer to Visa/AP/DVC/Gen Public. Sometimes people have luck with either Priceline or Expedia...
  11. dreamfinder

    Current AP Discounts

    Until WDW actually announces a promo and people start booking it, nothing is certain. People were speculating that DLR was going to be slammed for the rest of the year, and we see how that has been shaping up.
  12. dreamfinder

    What did you do?

  13. dreamfinder

    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    I think of that as a breath of fresh air.
  14. dreamfinder

    Dumbo is back!

    Not sure if @drew81 is asking those questions legitimately, or throwing shade to someone who is posting that info elsewhere.
  15. dreamfinder

    Choose Your Side: Star Wars Rival Run Weekend

    They do sell out, but as to exactly when will be a toss up. They do seem to be paring back the number of kids runs. IE Marathon Weekend used to have them Thurs Fri & Sat, but think they had dropped that to just Fri & Sat. That said, they aren't usually hot sellers, but as always if you think...
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