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    Muppets Haunted Mansion

    So I think we’ve learned what happens when you put WDI in charge of the Muppets. Pigs in Space Mountain coming soon!
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    What wdw land needs to be totally reworked.

    IMHO they should build a “toontown” but with with the concept of where cartoon characters work (versus where they live in Anaheim). Love to see them bring over the Roger Rabbit ride to DHS, I think a new Mr Toad would be well received, and they can use Micky and friends for attractions or M&Gs...
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    Big Thunder Mountain 2021 by Martin

    And, quite frankly, we’re lucky to have you here willing to share your knowledge
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    New Roundup Rodeo BBQ sit-down restaurant coming to TSL

    Agreed. I actually think a proper Pizza Planet is something they should build in Disney Springs.
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    Horizons vs Mission: Space

    The design your own car element is a huge part of the fun and definitely something that makes Test Track feel more Epcot-y than it otherwise would. We enjoy comparing how our different cars "performed" at the end even though it's silly. (I also loved Sum of all Thrills and am disappointed that...
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    Horizons vs Mission: Space

    I think the ride experience for TT 1.0 (with the temperature changes and more tactile elements like the blocks) was better than 2.0. But the design your own car and the overall theming ("Tron Track" as many call it) is superior with 2.0 than the original. Sadly, I don't see why they couldn't...
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    What wdw land needs to be totally reworked.

    Dinoland USA (the full land) is totally fine and there absolutely should be representation of dinosaurs in DAK. Nothing wrong with Dinosaur (the ride), the concept of the Dino Institute, the Boneyard, Restaurantosaurus, etc. Dino-Rama (the carnival area) is a different story and I can...
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    What wdw land needs to be totally reworked.

    Animation Courtyard needs to be redone to have multiple rides there and to be connected with a path to the RNR area.
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    Night at the Museum Ride at Disney Parks?

    I think the idea of a restaurant would be cool, but honestly you might as well just build Mystic Manor (and please Disney build MM in the US!) rather than going to the trouble of building a brand new ride with essentially the same premise.
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    Frozen Ever After vs Maelstrom

    I truly loved Maelstrom and was so sad to see it close. I was actually very surprised to find that a lot of folks on this site didn’t think that much of it when it was closing. So much of the attention was on the appropriateness of Frozen not on losing this gem.
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    Horizons vs Mission: Space

    Me for one. I don’t love M:S but it’s a very unique and inspired ride. I appreciate how it’s truly trying to give you a real astronaut experience. I just wish they had built a fully fledged Space pavilion to go along with it as originally planned. I find Horizens to be wildly overrated. The...
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    Loki - the Disney+ streaming Marvel MCU series

    Maybe, but they were doing a Friday release template from launch (e.g. The Mandalorian season 1) even though that was pre-pandemic with normal movie times.
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    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    Agreed. It seems like the simple solution to the sightline issues with the Tron showbuilding is to actually theme it in some way; ideally it would be in a manner harmonious with the rest of TL (and tolerable when seen from the circus) but at least make it Encom themed as a building they own.
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    Rumor Stitch's Great Escape Replacement— Don’t Hold Your Breath

    I’ve mentioned it before, but I think Earth to Ned would be perfect for a new show in the Laugh Floor space and fit better with Tomorrowland
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