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    Wolfgang Puck Express at Disney Springs permanently closed?

    Sorry to go off topic, but Brendan is still an actor. Just had lots of personal and medical issues that took him out of the limelight. He was one of my favorites back in the day. And knowing now what all he was dealing with, I feel bad for the guy.
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    Wolfgang Puck Express at Disney Springs permanently closed?

    Heartbreaking. This place had become a bit of a family tradition back in the Downtown Disney days because of their delicious pizza. I haven't been in a long time because I've actually only been to Disney Springs twice since the redo. But WPE was on mine and my husband's list of potential...
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    News Walt Disney World theme parks increase capacity but see longer waits and less physical distancing

    Keep in mind that fall breaks are starting up. My local schools (KY) are doing fall break next week. So that's likely adding to the crowds. But if it continues to seem more crowded in early November, I may be cancelling my early December trip. And if they become more lax about distancing and...
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    News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious

    I'd be happy if they went back to that permanently.
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    Permits 2020

    So what's going on at Rose and Crown? Just general maintenance or more? I can't tell from what's listed from the permit.
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    A sequel? Nah, not this one

    I wouldn't be mad at this. Yes Toy Story has been done to death at WDW (again, not mad at it...TS is my favorite Disney/Pixar film). But wasn't CBJ rumored at one time to be replaced with a Woody's Roundup theme? If I'm recalling that correctly, placing Woody's Roundup in SM would fulfill that...
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    A sequel? Nah, not this one

    I know people say this all the time half-heartedly, but if they seriously put Wakanda in as a country in World Showcase I think I'm officially done with WDW. I can swallow having rides and characters in the already established countries, even when it's a bit of a stretch (Frozen). But to plop a...
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    A sequel? Nah, not this one

    I'm assuming with the price tag of Guardians, it's going to be the most reliable attraction on property...right? 😏🙃
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    ***SAVE FIGMENT***

    And this is why Imagination, and all of the original Epcot attractions, were so wonderful. They weren't just entertaining. And while you usually did learn something from them, they weren't just educational. But they were inspiring! Which is something newer attractions and redos seriously lack. I...
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    Candy Cauldron sign change

    For me the Disney "look" has absolutely nothing to do with characters. In fact, I despise how they're now just shoving characters in our faces at every turn. I don't mind references here and there. For instance, the cute/comical character display in the gift shop at POR. Or having characters in...
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    Candy Cauldron sign change

    Agree completely. Basically all the new/refurbed stuff looks generic and not very "Disney" least not the Disney I grew up with. The Wilderness Lodge room refurb, the new tower at CS, the CB lobby, almost everything at Disney Springs...even Riviera. They all just seem so uninspiring to me. I...
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    News Disney confirms multiple EPCOT projects are paused

    "Fixed" is a very loose term in this case. Throwing some chairs up there and closing off the main attraction of the upstairs was a bandaid, if that. I SO wish they would make a new Figment/Dreamfinder attraction based on the comic! As much as I adored the original attraction I know it's dead...
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    Splash Mountain re-theme announced

    With you 100%! I loved PotC (well, the first 3). And I'm all girl power, feminism as well...but leave Pirates well enough alone. They've made, what, 5 films? Let it rest...find another story to tell about something else.
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    Splash Mountain re-theme announced

    My thoughts exactly. That old Snow White attraction spot was prime real estate for a new PatF attraction. Then they could have had an attraction representing African American folklore AND an attraction representing their first African American princess. And, bonus, little girls could have...
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