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  1. DiSnEyF@n

    Why should we stay on property?

    Did you look into Swan and Dolphin? They’re wayyy cheaper than Disney but you’re still in the bubble....
  2. DiSnEyF@n

    I want to start planning my August trip, but.....

    We also go during August. I am loving the idea of universal and Disney mix as we have not done universal... ever.... can you tell me more about your plans. I’m curious... thanks!
  3. DiSnEyF@n

    I want to start planning my August trip, but.....

    I love this! Thanks for sharing! I’m also a teacher. I think we’ll probably wind up going. I really appreciate your positivity.
  4. DiSnEyF@n

    The great stroller dilema

    I plan on renting a citymini double for my 4 and 7 y/o girls when we go in August. I still bring by sit and and stand with us and fold it up and store it in the closet in the hotel.
  5. DiSnEyF@n

    Grand Fiesta Tour Show Quality

    I agree with this... me and my family love the “Donald Duck Ride” wtheck!
  6. DiSnEyF@n

    I want to start planning my August trip, but.....

    I think I’m going to book something through Disney... that way at least I can secure what I want and where I want and can cancel if I need to. Thanks so much for the comments everyone! I appreciate everyone’s input!
  7. DiSnEyF@n

    I want to start planning my August trip, but.....

    Hi all... Happy new year!!!!!! I want to put in a request through DVCrentalstore.com for BWV or BCV for a week in august, but I’m apprehensive bc of covid. I'm very confident that we’ll be going (regardless) bc we didn’t go in 2020 AND bc I think the worst will be behind us by then, but I’m...
  8. DiSnEyF@n

    If I have to cancel AGAIN....

    Thank you so much for your feedback! I’m sorry you had to cancel your trips. I think you’re right though: we’d enjoy any hotel and make the trip what it will be! Thanks again for the feedback! 😃
  9. DiSnEyF@n

    If I have to cancel AGAIN....

    I noticed all your trips you mainly stay at Contemporary.... quick question... what do you love most about it and do you think my 7 y/o & 4 y/o girls would love it there? (Sorry didn’t mean to “highjack“ the post- I was just curious)
  10. DiSnEyF@n

    Will it be normal?

    Hoping and praying that it is!
  11. DiSnEyF@n

    Facemask for 2 Year Old

    Old Navy has comfy ones for kids.
  12. DiSnEyF@n

    What would you do?! AKA trying to plan all the things

    I agree with what others are saying in response to your questions... a thought though... What if you stayed at the Swan and Dolphin for your last night? The property is gorgeous and you’re right near HS. It’s way cheaper than surrounding hotels. Swan is my favorite 😉 Happy planning!
  13. DiSnEyF@n

    I am not going back to WDW until...

    Now maybe bc it’s free?
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