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  1. DisneyAndADoleWhip

    Droid Backpack

    There is actually enough room for all of the above even with the droid in it. I always carry my phone, wallet, etc. with my droid. Straps are nicely padded. The only caveat with buying ahead of time is you get a discount for buying the droid, backpack, and personality chip together. I think it...
  2. DisneyAndADoleWhip

    Is there any way to block someone from seeing future plans they're involved in on MDE?

    Just a word of caution when trying to accomplish this: I had a friend book a surprise trip for my 21st. They created a whole new account with my name that ended up locking me out of both old and new accounts. It took 5 years for Disney to fix it and get my old account (with all my magicbands on...
  3. DisneyAndADoleWhip

    DAS Pre-Registration Video Chat

    Hi! I had to go back through the scheduling part of the chat to get the rest of my days set up. I got to pick my times for the most part
  4. DisneyAndADoleWhip

    Are 'Magic Moments' still allowed?

    Visited on my birthday this year and did a Disneybound of Wendy at MK. Went to get a Peter Pan float and the CM said it was on Peter that day. I cried. It made my whole birthday. In May, I took my friend for her birthday. At World of Disney, a CM gave her 10% her purchase as a birthday treat...
  5. DisneyAndADoleWhip

    DAS Pre-Registration Video Chat

    Mine refreshed a few times, and it didn't seem to effect it. I did keep my screen on with the page and chat open.
  6. DisneyAndADoleWhip

    DAS Pre-Registration Video Chat

    Hi Disney friends! Just wanted to give you all a heads up that the video chat is live for DAS pre-registration. I have been attempting to get registered for my trip (Nov.12-21st) for two days. Here is my experience so far: Day 1: Found out it was live around 4pm, 10/13. Went through the steps...
  7. DisneyAndADoleWhip

    RnRc Retheme?

    And they already have another Pixar attraction nearby. Could be the start of WDW's Pixar Pier/Land. If we're thinking it's possible, the powers-that-be have got to be thinking about it.
  8. DisneyAndADoleWhip

    Disney alienates 90% of their guests......What is going on?

    FWIW, I've stayed onsite more post-covid than I ever did. I didn't care about the "missing" amenities, I was just happy to be there. I'm betting the average guest won't even notice what's missing. And if they do, they won't care. Also, let's not forget, Disney (like every company) lost a TON...
  9. DisneyAndADoleWhip

    Most Memorable Character Interaction For You?

    I celebrated my 21st birthday at Magic Kingdom and honestly, I was struggling with growing up. I knew only one person was the leading expert on growing up, so I tracked down peter pan for advice. I still remember his words "your age is only your two numbers added together". It might sound a bit...
  10. DisneyAndADoleWhip

    Disney CMs calling guests " Friends"?

    I have this ingrained in me from teaching kids. It’s no longer “boys and girls” or “students” it’s “friends”. Honestly, I have zero problems with it. We don’t even use the term “parents“ when referring to the child’s caregivers. It’s “adults”, “grown-ups“, or “the people who take care of you”...
  11. DisneyAndADoleWhip

    In the Age of Rethemes How Safe is Rock N Rollercoaster

    Like it or not, it would make sense for Disney to retheme. An Incredicoaster theme could lead to a nice Pixar Place area (and there’s already a Cars show nearby). Throw in a couple more flat rides/spinners and Disney ahs an easy area.
  12. DisneyAndADoleWhip

    Politics RUMOR: Lin Manuel Miranda and Weird Al to Redo Hall of Presidents

    Been going on for about a decade...with its addition to Disney+, it’s probably going to be around a for a few more years at least.
  13. DisneyAndADoleWhip

    POLL: When are you planning to return to Walt Disney World?

    We've been going in November each year and have not changed our plans so far
  14. DisneyAndADoleWhip

    Popcorn refills

    I bought a bucket in November, went back a couple weeks ago and brought the bucket on a gamble that it would be the same design (Star Wars). It was, and we had no issues getting refills.
  15. DisneyAndADoleWhip

    Opinions on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster (Poll)

    It occurred to me during my trip last week that a Cars re-theme wouldn’t be totally out of the realm of possibility. Show for the littles next door, Cars themed area. Possibly a flat ride for the family. It sounds like something Disney would do.
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