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    Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin vs Toy Story Mania!

    Toy Story Mania! hands down a much better fun diverse game attraction.
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    Start of our Disney Room

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    they're cutting all the other perks so will they do this?

    As a DVC Member the Fast Pass for on ground stayers is something that should have been done ages ago. Our perks slowly have been dwindling and frankly it has been coming rather disappointing.
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    Fifth Gate Disney Memories

    All are quintessential original DISNEY and LOVE them all ! But for me personally it's got to be Toon Town ! just LOVE the whole area in Disneyland and wish they could bring it to WDW at one time I remember Mickey and Minnies houses there but it wasn't as whimsical as the whole town. Truthfully I...
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    News Disney's Magical Express to end after 2021

    My thoughts EXACTLY ! You arrive at the Springs then WHAT ? How do you get to say Beach Club with kids,luggage and strollers ? How is this all suppose to work ? New busses that can take all your necessities as well as the family to your chosen Resort ? talk about wasting time ! Can anyone...
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    400 pounds, recovering from hip replacement, but hitting WDW in Jan

    Killowatts, I am in the same position you are. I am a DVC member so have visited the Kingdom several times and have the need for a scooter to enjoy myself with my family. I have tried many Scooter Companies but none have come close to the service I found with goldmobilityscooters.com. Trust me...
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    Longest you have gone between trips

    Our last visit was most likely the "BEST" in Dec 2019. When we shall return unfortunately who knows ? We have been discussing it recently and consensus is 2022 ? I don't know if we can make it that long from now, it will be very very difficult but this damn COVID has really fouled all future...
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    What will you appreciate more about WDW after the pandemic?

    WOW ! It's nice to read so many laid back attitudes when we will once again visit the Magical Kingdom World. I have in the pass for the most part adopted this attitude years ago and now with the world in which we now live in "where do we have to GO ?" Taking your time and actually VISIT the...
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    Long Line Memories and Line Etiquette, Your Worst Line Experiences

    Why can't we all just get along ? Yes line jumping is unacceptable, but sometimes "nature calls". Think about this we're all heading in one direction and it's not being younger, it only needs the simple understanding, like your in a traffic jam, where you gonna go ? Lets remember we're all on...
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    Security splitting up families / groups at entrances

    I'm confused, once you go through security can't everybody just meet up on the other side ? Our family will just wait until we all get back together.
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    Please don't be this Candlelight choir parent!

    Totally in agreement ! but to add, this appears through out in many a live performance we have observed. It is rude to the performer as well as other audience members, lets not forget about conversations during a performance as well. To not enjoy an encore when given is so confusing I can't...
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    Magic Kingdom...not so magical.

    I would like to add to your observations regarding "service dogs" we too were at WDW at the same time last week. The absolute atrocious owner behavior is TOTALLY uncalled for and simply ABUSIVE to their pets, not only did we witnessed these dogs on top of tables but also defecating in common...
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    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Now all they have to do is KEEPING IT RUNNING ! early mornings, to many break downs, to many return passes are they really worth it ? You BETCHA !
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    I want to taste the foods of 11 countries at Epcot,but is it free with my base ticket?

    This is WDW ! you get nothing for NOTHING. Maybe the air that you breathe and they could be charging for that too soon, call it Resort Air.
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    Old Ladies & Minnie Ears

    I'll be 68 in two days I will NEVER GIVE UP MINE ! so take it from there.
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