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    Thinking about doing dinner into WDW for dinner offsite - is the monorail open?

    If it was any other time I feel like I'd know the answer but with COVID trying to figure this out. Doing a combo meeting/quick trip to Universal Studios early November and thought about doing a dinner reservation in WDW one night. When I've done this in the past it was always just kind of fun...
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    Grand Floridian to MK Walkway

    I know! Where is the gift shop at either end?! Also the lack of marvel/star wars/frozen characters is just insulting to the point that I want them to theme it so I can be further outraged that it isn't themed to my taste! ;) Did I do it right?!
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    Which Cast Member interaction do you miss the most?

    This, I was talking with my daughter the other night about our favorite moments from trips and Poly is hands down my favorite resort and walking to the poly lobby gives me such a sense of relaxing and happiness.
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    Halloween 2020 at the Magic Kingdom

    OG Disney shows should get the callbacks that Universal does with its halloween or spooky merch! I think there was another spooky/goosebumps kind of show back in the day called 'The Edison Twins' or something. Then another (not scary but just an odd Disney Channel memory) was Danger Bay.
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    Any updates on Grand Floridian refurbishments?

    Having stayed at the Poly last year I can see a refresh of the bathrooms, the main room itself was fine and fit the theme. I'm not sure what they would change. Same with GF. Haven't been there outside the lobby/concourse in a few years but wonder how you refresh a 1920's themed hotel.
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    Please explain the Tiki Room

    Cost of a Disney 1 day ticket in 2005 - $60 But to pile on post 15 year bump: I have always enjoyed the particular kitsch that tiki was and currently is so the tiki room is very much on trend and enjoyable for a break from walking or the heat.
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    What Disney movie needs a dark ride

    A big hero six ride that I could be being similar to Soarin or Star Tours (The ST ride system area should still be in the old wonders of life for retrofitting) Not necessarily a dark ride but a National Treasure type game similar to kim possible at Epcot would be a lot of fun too.
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    Snoring Strategy for Hotel/Room Booking

    I know that this won't fit everyones situation but I travel with friends on a golf trip where 1-2 guys are heavy snorers and when my parents have joined our trips my dad is as well. My go tos: 1. noise canceling headphones. I tried an app and machine but the cadence of snoring to white noise...
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    Disrespecting the parks

    I think as far as 'horrible' behavior this stuff is tame: As a kid I thought I thought I was mooned on Tom Sawyer island. Later on my dad told me that we actually caught a guy and his lady friend doing something and I laughed because, bare bum. We got caught in the middle of a hurricane of...
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    Splash Mountain re-theme announced

    I'm with I'm with you. Love Splash Mountain and truly hope that they allow whatever retheme the imagineers and Baxter have in mind can be fully realized. I've never seen SotS, I have seen PatF a few times. I can honestly visualize the songs and a proper retheme on Splash Mountain being...
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    Statements about WDW that grind your gears

    Everyone has hit the big ones: Too Expensive/Geared at kids only/Too much focus on 'insert IP' The one that always got me was 'Everything is fake'.
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    News Man caught camping on Discovery Island...

    Is there any way that Disney can claim these vloggers videos/demonetize them? They do it for views to increase their channels and even the ones that tread the line very close like Bright Sun Films don't encourage this kind of behavior.
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    Controversial/ Unpopular theme park opinions

    I agree with you. When I'm going to WDW or even Universal I want the experience. I enjoy taking in the theme and attention to detail/easter eggs/queues. When I go to Kings Island or Cedar Point I honestly want short lines, height and speed. The idea that someone gets upset that a ride like...
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    Controversial/ Unpopular theme park opinions

    Tour Groups should be banned. You shouldn't be able to make fast passes unless you're an AP or staying on site at the hotels.
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