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  1. ColdSun

    Trouble ordering Magic Bands

    Thanks so much for your replies, it works now :)
  2. ColdSun

    Trouble ordering Magic Bands

    Hi everyone, for days I've been trying to choose the Magic Bands for our trip starting February 3rd but all I get is this error message: Is someone else dealing with the problem? What can I do? Thanks for your help :).
  3. ColdSun

    Who’s going to Galaxy’s Edge and when?

    February 2020 :)
  4. ColdSun

    When to book for early 2020?

    @Kingdom Konsultant that sounds nice :). Hope you enjoyed the experience. @Weather_Lady : Vielen Dank :)! And thank you so very much for all this info, that was extremely helpful 🆒!
  5. ColdSun

    When to book for early 2020?

    Yes, I've heard about President's Day week... Sadly this might indeed be exactly when our only possibility to travel might be. What about Martin Luther King Day week? Is it as busy as President's Day week or is it a (slightly) better call?
  6. ColdSun

    Non-Alcoholic Specialty Drinks

    Jungle Juice & Night Blossom :)
  7. ColdSun

    Vegetarian options

    I absolute love Satu'li Canteen, they have a super tasty bowl with tofu
  8. ColdSun

    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disney's Hollywood Studios opening date

    Do any of you have any more or less educated guesses when Fastpass+ will be available for the SW:GE attractions in WDW? How was this handled when Pandora opened? I'm planning to (hopefully) travel from Europe together with my mom in January/February 2020. My mom is a huge Star Wars fan and she...
  9. ColdSun

    Might be traveling for first time on June/July any recommendations??

    You should definitely eat at Bistro Chez Remy. The food is ok but the decor is extremely adorable. You should also make a dining reservation there because it tends to fill up.
  10. ColdSun

    When to book for early 2020?

    Thank you so much, Pam. I'll keep my eyes open :):D.
  11. ColdSun

    Pop Century Thoughts/ Preferred Rooms

    I absolutely loved Pop. We asked for a room on the highest floor, so that there is noone above you. Didn't feel noisy at all and as several members here have also said: the bus transportation works really well.
  12. ColdSun

    When to book for early 2020?

    Wow, thank you so much :jawdrop:. This is really helpful. Do you by change have any idea when one will be able to book for 2020? Right now it only goes up to December 31st of 2019... Thank you for that insight, will keep that in mind as well :).
  13. ColdSun

    First trip to FL/WDW - should we also do Universal?

    Yes, Universal is amazing just for the Potter areas alone! We went first to Universal to sort of get into the mood for theme parks (not that much into extreme thrill rides, so those Universal days were a bit more relaxed) and then were totally ready to dive into the Disney mayhem ;).
  14. ColdSun

    When to book for early 2020?

    Thanks for the tip. We are from Germany. And I actually meant to type 10-day-Park Hopper-Tickets, 20 days would be a bit much ;)
  15. ColdSun

    When to book for early 2020?

    Hi everyone, yes, I know 2019 has barely started (Happy new Year :D)... Nevertheless we are planning a Florida/Universal/Disney trip in either late January, February or early March in 2020. And well, there are so many questions, so hopefully some of you can and want to help :). I'm not a total...
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