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  1. Chicken Guy

    Disney World GIS layers?

    Sorry for the 18 year thread bump, but I was doing research on Disney World GIS and found this thread. This sort of data appears hard to come by, so I figured I'd ask if anyone knows of any open data files for the region.
  2. Chicken Guy

    Best WDW park at night?

    MK. Tomorrowland at night is something else, or at least it used to be when the theming was consistent. I pray they don’t touch the music loop there for some time.
  3. Chicken Guy


    Hmmm. Now that you’ve posted this, I’m curious to see a picture from the same angle but without the America Gardens Theatre canopy. Would be an old photo to dig up if anyone has it.
  4. Chicken Guy

    News Peoplemover closed for refurbishment

    I don’t deny that it would marginally increase overall park capacity. I’m referencing how even in normal times, Cast Members can hardly manage the attraction’s load and unload process. Entire cars often pass by empty because they couldn’t load them quickly enough. Part of this is also because...
  5. Chicken Guy

    News Peoplemover closed for refurbishment

    Listen, I love the peoplemover as much as the next guy, but let’s not act like it’s a make-or-break attraction for a vast majority of visitors. Even with its increased publicity in the fan community over the past decade, most park guests don’t bat a blind eye to it.
  6. Chicken Guy

    News Peoplemover closed for refurbishment

    Has no one considered that this attraction might actually be fine and that Disney is just keeping it closed during COVID to avoid the logistical nightmare that would be operating this with social distancing?
  7. Chicken Guy

    Disney Forum Fans VS Generic Disney Fans

    T Too bad they never ask to modernize Tomorrowland 😔
  8. Chicken Guy

    Disney Forum Fans VS Generic Disney Fans

    That’s a narrow perspective. EPCOT Center existed, and in Disneyland alone Walt created the Matterhorn, Enchanted Tiki Room, Its a Small World, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Most of tomorrowland which was not IP based, Carousel of Progress, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Jungle Cruise, etc. And...
  9. Chicken Guy

    Disney Forum Fans VS Generic Disney Fans

    I think it should be noted that being on the “extreme” end of things, at least to me, does not necessarily mean being averse to change. In most cases, the change itself isn’t what bothers me; I understand things need to stay fresh to a certain extent. What makes me upset is that with the...
  10. Chicken Guy

    Chiquita no longer sponsoring Living with the Land?

    I used to think a sponsor was some sort of safety net for attractions that might otherwise get tampered with, but then GMR got axed even with their TCM sponsor. So this news just puts me in a mild state of foreboding. My favorite attraction, hope it gets another sponsor soon!
  11. Chicken Guy

    Disney Forum Fans VS Generic Disney Fans

    Full-on purist/extremist (kinda harsh terminology, huh?), here. It’s real hard to get excited about anything the Disney company does anymore since it’s no longer in line with the company’s former legacy and mission statement. Generic and extremist fans might both recongnize that EPCOT is...
  12. Chicken Guy

    Am I the only one that liked the Birthday Cake castle?

    I liked it. Also, it’s over-the-top zaniness made it pretty clear that the overlay wasn’t going to overstay its welcome (@DHS sorcerer hat and @Spaceship Earth millennium hand)
  13. Chicken Guy

    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    Is it just me, or does seeing Spaceship Earth from this angle make it look less like a ball impressively suspended in mid-air, and more like its supports are struggling to keep the ball from falling down?
  14. Chicken Guy

    Expedition Everest effects status watch

    First he'll get replaced by a plant with a hat on it. Then we can start to worry.
  15. Chicken Guy

    News Liberty Square Riverboat and Tom Sawyer Island closing for lengthy refurbishment

    I find TSL as a more concrete indicator of Disney’s willingness to build more “amusement park type” areas. It blurs the line, in my opinion.
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