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    Changes at Chef Mickey's

    Chef Mickey's isn't the only place to eat with Mickey If Chef Mickey's is going to keep Mickey away from the tables, why not just try another venue. Unless you have a strong desire to see Mickey dressed as a chef, why not try eating with him at Tusker House or Ohana where he still visits at...
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    VIDEO - Magic Kingdom 2010 July 4 fireworks spectacular - Disney's Celebrate America!

    Absolutely Fantastic! Your video coverage is superb! :D I can't wait to see them in person next year when we visit before embarking on a 5-night Dream cruise.
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    WDW Resort: Behind The Scenes! For whoever missed the prior airdates!

    If this has been posted on another thread, please pardon the duplicate post. I just noticed that the Travel Channel (9:00p.m. EST) will be airing my favorite behind the scenes episode again today. I watched it the first time it aired, but I never get tired of WDW on TV! VCR ALERT!:sohappy...
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