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  1. brb1006

    'Bambi' Live-Action Remake in the Works

    I'm just having a feeling Disney is going to do that. If Kaa, and Jock got their genders changed. Then I'm already betting on it.
  2. brb1006

    Pinocchio live action reboot

    Pinocchio actually returned recently.
  3. brb1006

    News World Showcase torches refurbishment begins today

    I remember seeing many advertisements for the Millennium Celebration (especially with old Disney VHS Tapes that I still own). The Millennium Celebration and 100 Years Of Magic was one of the last times WDW was able to go out all to that level with the celebrations.
  4. brb1006

    News New Parade: Magic Happens

    The last time I've seen Disney mix past and present franchises was the "Happiness Is Here Parade".
  5. brb1006

    Will Disneyland USA suffer? Both Chinese Disneyland's Closed Indefinitely Due to Coronavirus

    Did you see the South Park episode about China recently?
  6. brb1006

    Short Circuit: Experimental Films on Disney+

    Disney+ just launched "Short Circuit: Experimental Films" yesterday which contained 14 experimental shorts from Walt Disney Animation studios. So I decided to create a dedicated thread for general discussion. My favorites is Puddle, Drop, Cycles, and Exchange Student. Be sure to watch the intros...
  7. brb1006

    Disney's Streaming Services: Disney+ (and Hulu, ESPN+, & hotstar)

    Just got done watching all 14 shorts for "Short Circuit" last night. Surprised not that many are discussing these shorts.
  8. brb1006

    'Bambi' Live-Action Remake in the Works

    Chris and Paul Weitz’s Depth of Field producing.
  9. brb1006

    'Bambi' Live-Action Remake in the Works

    So is Flower going to get gender swapped?
  10. brb1006

    'Bambi' Live-Action Remake in the Works

    SNL predicted the future, just like the TV Funhouse Sketch "Bambi 2002".
  11. brb1006

    Journey Into Imagination With Figment To Be Replaced With An Inside Out Attraction?

    Oh for pete's sake! Let the Inside Out replacing JIM rumor just die.
  12. brb1006

    Pinocchio live action reboot

    Robert Zemeckis Closes Deal To Direct & Co-Write Disney’s Live-Action ‘Pinocchio’
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