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    How Many Days for You? Part 12

  2. Boknowsleo

    What is the best Fast Pass+ scheduling strategy?

    Depending on if you want to ride something more than once, then I would schedule the 3 FP’s early. Wait in line and then FP line for those multiple ride must dos! Great example... ride Splash twice, Big Thunder twice, Dwarfs twice, then grab a 4th FP for HM. Then a 5th etc. The earlier the better!
  3. Boknowsleo

    You can have any WDW meal/food item RIGHT NOW, no matter where you are. What is it?

    Mickey Waffle with strawberries and whip cream at Sleepy Hollow!
  4. Boknowsleo

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    20 weeks from today!!!
  5. Boknowsleo

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

  6. Boknowsleo

    Uber pick up at WDW resort for trip to Universal?

    Thank you for answering! Much appreciated.
  7. Boknowsleo

    Uber pick up at WDW resort for trip to Universal?

    I've never used Uber in WDW. Are they able to pick a group of us up at front door of Beach Club Resort and trek us up to Universal Studios? Has anyone done this? Is there a better way?
  8. Boknowsleo

    First Time Trip Summer Timing Advice Needed...

    I usually go to parks when they first open for the day. The lines are the shortest then. Also taking in an indoor show in between rides will help because you will be seated in air conditioning. I'll be taking the family in late August this year for the third time. I do find that when comparing...
  9. Boknowsleo

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

  10. Boknowsleo

    Has anyone had any stellar experiences with cast members lately?

    Not only are the CM's great but I've met some very nice guests also! On our last day of a trip, when my DD's were 2 & 5, a guest with a vest full of pins saw my daughters being polite to other guests and he decided to give them a couple of his pins. A total stranger extending the Disney magic to...
  11. Boknowsleo

    So... how carried away do you get with your WDW trip planning?

    I'm obsessed with the planning process. I start about a year and a half from the day we leave for Disney World. My early plans change so much from the final product that it makes me wonder why I start so early. I chart everything...pressed coin machines I haven't been to yet, commute times...
  12. Boknowsleo

    Star Wars pressed pennies!

    I check my collection with www.presscoins.com and they keep their site updated fairly well. The last two updates were April 21 and May 9. If Star Wars pressed pennies are out there I'm sure they will know and update soon. Keep checking daily, good luck!
  13. Boknowsleo

    Disney With A 15 Month Old?

    I should have asked this question back in 2010 when my girls were 2 & 5, I wasn't ready for the scare factor. The very first night I took them to dinner at T-Rex. In hindsight it's hilarious now but when it happened I ruined much of the trip for them. Even the Winnie the Pooh ride scared them...
  14. Boknowsleo

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    42 :D
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