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  1. bjlc57

    "It will always be MGM Studios to me"

    Bring back the EARFUL TOWER.. Please ...
  2. bjlc57

    "It will always be MGM Studios to me"

    its always MGM TO ME AS WELL..
  3. bjlc57

    Has Disney Pricing Increases/Atmosphere Cuts Altered YOUR FAMILIES WDW Attendance?

    i will tell you that we came within a week of giving Disney close to $7000 of our money.. that we were going to buy a SEASON PASS and go twice in 11 months .. next May and the following april or march.. and then they "dropped the bomb " ( Animal House 1978 109 min) .. by raising the annual pass...
  4. bjlc57

    Ever had a awkward encounter at Disney?

    i have a couple of small stories. when you mention the photo pass people.. two trips ago.. i hurt my knee on the new dwarf's ride.. and I hoppled on it for most of a day at MK. because all the scooters were sold out.. well later inthe day my wife ventures back to the front of the park to ask if...
  5. bjlc57

    D23 - What a joke.

    i have to agree with the original poster.. this announcement was almost as exciting as putting a penny in a gum ball machine and getting nothing.. because that's about how big this announcement was worth.. All the build up.. and the hype and and all the nothing. Obviously the upper management...
  6. bjlc57

    A Spirited 15 Rounds ...

    Gees.. give the man his well earned props... we all say and do things in the ' wrong context" but I for one have to recognize that this poster gave us real news.. some thing that's been very very lacking around here.. if you don't like the guy or his shirt or his shoes.. fine.. but give the guy...
  7. bjlc57

    A Spirited 15 Rounds ...

    no let this thread live on.. and again..few , if any , had the true inside scoop as the main poster of this thread.. the spirit.. he called it like he saw it..like it or not.. and I for one, wishes that he returns today .. to tell us all , just what the heck is going on.. and how close is Disney...
  8. bjlc57

    Bob Iger: "We Don't Believe We Have A Pricing Issue At Our Domestic Parks"

    let me also say that I am a dinosaur and a Disney stalworth.. but I am going to be 62.. and all the rest of us Dinosaurs, who watched the Mickey Mouse club each and every day become less and less by the minute.. ( heck I had a brother in law who survived a heart attack in Orlando last week)...
  9. bjlc57

    Bob Iger: "We Don't Believe We Have A Pricing Issue At Our Domestic Parks"

    so did GM... so did Sears, Penney's , Kmart, and numerous others that have gone bankrupt.. my ma lost most of her retirement as a lifelong GM employee.. and all her stock was worthless.. ( but the guys at the top some how did " okay" .. ) Gimbals , Schusters', Pan AM, Kodak, Compaq , Gateway...
  10. bjlc57

    Bob Iger: "We Don't Believe We Have A Pricing Issue At Our Domestic Parks"

    let me just say that the laws of economics stress that once you DO cross that tipping point.. even if just a fraction.. its extremely hard to go back.. and to be in denial does not help the Disney situation.. Now maybe Iger is posting a big front.. but that he knows that they have gone too far...
  11. bjlc57

    OK, I'll Admit it...Disney Prices Are Out Of Control

    just maybe.. just maybe.. the laws of economics do apply to Disney after all..
  12. bjlc57

    What is something you ALWAYS do in Magic Kingdom?

    cry like a 3 year old..and that's not easy for a man of 62 to admit.. I cry when we drive under the Welcome to Walt Disney world arch.. and I cry when I get off the bus.. and I cry when I see the castle and you DO NOT Want to be next to me as we walk out the night before we go home.. heck I have...
  13. bjlc57

    Just got back from my 11 day stay. We had a blast but feel extorted by Mickey Mouse.

    think about this .. Coca Cola is Made with purified water.. and its less then Dasani.. which is the same purified water USED TO MAKE COKE..
  14. bjlc57

    A Spirited 15 Rounds ...

    let those who are perfect , cast the first stone..
  15. bjlc57

    A Spirited 15 Rounds ...

    he also had info that either no one else had or that no one else had the guts to share..
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