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  1. bjlc57

    Destination D23 2021

  2. bjlc57

    Dear Abby

    here is what we did with my two kids and their husbands.. We asked them to stay with us until NOON... and we followed the touring plans until NOON... and then they were on their own for all the rest of the vacation. to the point where both couples said .. "we are on a separate vacation then you...
  3. bjlc57

    i am suppose to book my trip .... BUT I AM TOO MAD TO DO IT...

    you could not be more wrong.. I am mad at no one with the exception of Disney management.. again price increases happen.. we were prepared for all of that.. its the stuff that Disney has taken away that really ads up..
  4. bjlc57

    i am suppose to book my trip .... BUT I AM TOO MAD TO DO IT...

    i am less then 6 months out from "going to WDW".. but right now.. I can't look at an ad.. I can't watch a special... I can't hardly discuss it with my wife.. For one of the first times in my life.. I have the money and the time and the imputes to go back to Disney.. over the years I have...
  5. bjlc57

    What's deflated your WDW enthusiasm the most: Pandemic or Genie+

    i am to the point where I don't want to see the Disney ads on tv.. they make me sick.. because right now.. disney is for the ultra rich and not everyone.. and thats fine in the short term.. but it cannot sustain its self in the long term.. When we , the middle to lower middle class stop coming...
  6. bjlc57

    If Disney wants to "lower Attendance" then Build a 5th Park..

    If Disney truly wants to " lower attendance" to avoid over crowding in the parks.. Build a 5th Park for the "overflow.." and not price us out of the parks on a whole.. because right now.. I am coming to the park One More Time.. and after that.. Disney can kiss my grits.. i just hope that I...
  7. bjlc57

    Disney World can Kiss my grits...

    let me ask you this.. .you pay all your money to go to WDW.. Now you are standing out in front of Ride of Resistance ' ( the new Star wars Ride) are you going to pay UP TO $50 a person times say a family of four , JUST TO RIDE ONE RIDE? what happens if you have 4 kids? do you pick which...
  8. bjlc57

    Disney World can Kiss my grits...

    WOW THERE YOU GO>. the KEY LINE>. and I do know this and I try to practice this.. DO NOT LOVE SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT LOVE YOU BACK.. and Right now.. and especially more with the pricing.. DISNEY DOES NOT LOVE US BACK.. all they love IS OUR WALLETS..
  9. bjlc57

    Disney World can Kiss my grits...

    with the announcement of the new Disney GREEDY... and the end of the Magical express and all the rest of the End of the Mickey Mouse Club rules and learning to be fair , tell the truth and Every one is equal, .. I just want to know.. HOW DO I RETURN IT ALL.. All my shirts.. My Hats. My Pins...
  10. bjlc57

    Disney Genie, Genie+ officially introduced along with confirmed details of how it will work

    i am only committed to ONE MORE DISNEY TRIP..that I have been promising for over 5 years.. for the grandchildren.. after that.. DISNEY.. you can STUFF IT.. and I have been coming since the place opened.. why go back to A B and E TICKETS... because you are paying for each flipp'n ride..
  11. bjlc57

    News Early Theme Park Entry and Extended Evening Hours coming for resort guests

    here is what will happen in the future.. if you don't stay at a deluxe resort.. we will allow you into the park to eat and look around and let you watch the rides but you can't ride them.. because you are not one of the chosen one's who have all the gold.. and the GOLDEN RULE.. which is .those...
  12. bjlc57

    FastPass+ Most Certainly Not Coming Back As It Was

    listen.. I have ONE more trip in commitment that I made to the grandkids.. but if disney is going to price me out.. SO BE IT.. but just remember it was us DINOSAURS that built this place and we have the strong memories to keep it going and we are DYING OFF.. some EACH AND EVERY DAY.. so if the...
  13. bjlc57

    Trouble in paradise officially?

    Well the place was NAMED AFTER HIM.. lets change this to Iger world and see how it flies.. Or to Eisner world..
  14. bjlc57

    Trouble in paradise officially?

    this is SO ANTI WALT DISNEY.. Walt said in the book BE LIKE WALT.. There will always be a 10 cent cup of coffee at Disneyland.. meaning it will be a place for the masses and not the ultra élite
  15. bjlc57

    News Disney's Magical Express to end after 2021

    i heard the lines for the magical express were over an hour this week.. Disney is SHOOTIING THEMSELVES IN THE FOOT.. stop now.. stop the bleeding.. change your mind on this issue Disney..
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