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    Wdw podcast 2018???

    I like Jim Hill in doses. He knows a lo of what is going on but sometimes i feel he is too into himself. I have dropped many shows over the years and I am always looking for a new one.
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    Wdw podcast 2018???

    I'll List my top 3. Enchanted Tiki Talk. Usually always consistent Disney talk. Some great banter back and forth everything seems real. WDW Main St. Another good podcast with great banter and up to date news. Disney Dish. I love that it is a lot of rumors.
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    Coronado Springs

    It isn't so bad, I just stayed there last week.
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    Bye bye Mickey soaps?

    I think in Japan the bathroom soap dispenser does that.
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    WDW Podcast Suggestions?

    Enchanted Tiki Talk is my Favorite to listen each week. I used to listen to 2 Men and the Mouse but they don't but out shows every week, they often skip. Lou Mongello is always good as well but I hate his live eating shows.
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    Refillable Mug length of stay question with dining plan

    Thanks everyone I appreciate it.
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    Refillable Mug length of stay question with dining plan

    I was wondering if I get the dining plan at pop for 2 nights before we stay at DVC with family for 4 nights and not get the dining plan with the family, can I still use the refillable mugs or will it expire at the end of our first stay?
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    Premium Parking coming to Walt Disney World's parking lots?

    I wouldn't spend the extra money but many people will. So whatever.
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    DVC Member Lounge Coming to Imagination!

    Thats a real bummer no rainbow tunnel , kids would just love to walk through there. I don't ever remember there being an issue when i was there in my younger days. But then again i was a kid.
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    DVC Member Lounge Coming to Imagination!

    I just hope they reopen the Rainbow tunnel.
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    What are your favorite WDW podcasts?

    I listen to several Disney Podcasts among my favorites are. Enchanted Tiki Talk Radio Harambe WDW Radio Retro Disney World
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    Reservations for the Osborne Light's Merry and Bright Dessert Party now available

    If I were going down to see this for the final time I would buy this event ticket. But only because its that last time and i love Osborne Lights.
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    Osborne Lights Officially Returning for 2015 for 20th and Final Season

    It is a big deal because some people really enjoy it and base their trips around it. I know of 3 people who are making weekend trips just to see the lights one last time. Holidays at Disney are a seasonal draw and for me seeing the Osborne lights is part of that. With that gone and no...
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    Tickets now available for the 'Force Friday Merchandise Event' at Downtown Disney

    And this is one of the reasons why i stopped collecting Star Wars toys and the like. It just got to competitive for me. The fun was gone.
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