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  1. bearprn

    News Disney After Hours Events expands to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom

    People won’t do that, they would rather fuss, moan and complain about it while passively handlng over their money . Why ? BECAUSE IT’s DISNEY! It’s like legal entertainment crack- they cannot let it go even though it’s a poor shadow of it’s former entertainment value and product ! With enough...
  2. bearprn

    Parks gone to the dogs...

    I think the problem here is the service animal and ESA is being used together or interchangeable. They are not, simply put a service animal has been throughly trained for a specific task for their owner an emotional support animal (not all) in most cases has had no training and this is the type...
  3. bearprn

    Things I'll Never Do At Disney Again............

    No, it is not BS, the poster gave you numbers to back is up. I dare you to find anything onsite to even come close to let’s make it easy for you (or so you think) 70% on the price he is getting on 3 BR mid June! Just because you keep repeating the same thing over and over does not make it the...
  4. bearprn

    Missing the last raft from Tom Sawyer Island...

    Hey this would be great upcharge experience- camp overnight on the island followed by a campfire breakfast and here is the clincher a jumpstart on the rope drop folks all for the bargain basement price of ???
  5. bearprn

    Ethics / Loopholes

    I do not believe anyone has a problem with people that really need the EVC/ WC and keeping in mind not all disabilities are visible. The problem occurs when one person is accompanied by 10 people and when the EVC/WC is used by different individuals in their “posse” ! It’s much cheaper/ easier...
  6. bearprn

    Ethics / Loopholes

    Let me guess: you have a customer complaint when checking out for being “ rude and unhelpful” ( thought I was going to say “unmagical” didn’t you)LOL
  7. bearprn

    Insane crowds, more space needed

    Don’t give then any more ideas for upcharges LOL !
  8. bearprn

    Insane crowds, more space needed

    I have been saying this for years ! I only pray I am wrong because that would be very bad and no way to control it once it is started.
  9. bearprn

    Huge Volcano Bay ticket price increase.

    Don’t forget the ticket price doesn’t even cover parking (another $20) which Disney water parks don’t have.
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