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    Where’s the Na’vi Shaman?

    That critique could arguably be applied to the entirety of Pandora land.
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    Grand Fiesta Tour Show Quality

    By the way, Jose Carioca is back in his rightful spot.
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    WDW Resort Gym Specs

    Ah, good to know. Thanks.
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    Best Disney tip you ever got!

    The best tip in recent memory relates to the new toilet paper they use in the parks: By any means necessary, avoid all hygiene situations that involve using toilet paper. I never knew negative-ply toilet paper was a thing until a certain desperate afternoon stop in late July. OMG.
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    First Stay at Grand Floridian

    Have you made your decision, yet? Wherever you go, have fun!
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    WDW Resort Gym Specs

    The GF and I believe the Contemporary's gyms have posted hours. I've worked out outside of those hours at the GF in the past without any problem, but then again I think I badged in before the official closing time so who knows. I have wondered if they'll send security over if I go in really...
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    News Structure built in Kilimanjaro Safaris?

    Poacher's hut. They're bringing back the poacher story.
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    News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

    Do we know who is manufacturing the pylons? It's not the same artist who created the first ones, so did they consult with him on it? From what I heard, he went through some significant trial and error with the mass and the bends in the acrylic. ETA: Not sure about the haha, so if you don't...
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    Politics Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Alright, it's officially been four weeks since I last drank from water fountains at WDW parks. Am I dead from the Coof, yet? :eek:
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    Disney's FY20 Q3 Earnings (8/4/20)

    I bet you could culture some cool stuff off of Pooh's honey wall.
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    Disney's FY20 Q3 Earnings (8/4/20)

    A random walk down Wall Street is sometimes very random.
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    Disney's FY20 Q3 Earnings (8/4/20)

    They should re-release Hamilton, recasting that one guy who cannot sing.
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    Disney's FY20 Q3 Earnings (8/4/20)

    Well, that's 180 degrees from what I expected yesterday, and a perfect example of why I'm not a stock picker! :D
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    Disney's FY20 Q3 Earnings (8/4/20)

    Ahhh, yes. I forgot about that whole thing.
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    Disney's FY20 Q3 Earnings (8/4/20)

    Did I hear that right? WDW is operating as a net positive $-wise?
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