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  1. bamboo7

    Looking for photos (or video) of classic Cast Member costumes

    Hello! I am working on a small project, and I am looking for photos of classic (old, now retired) Cast Member costumes, which I will use for reference. I am specifically looking for the Horizons and World of Motion costumes, but would be interested in any others as well. If you happen to...
  2. bamboo7

    Happy Birthday Bamboo7!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks everyone!
  3. bamboo7

    Google Maps Street View Now Featuring Major WDW Roads

    The StreetView feature of Google Maps can now be used to virtually drive down some of the larger WDW roadways. Check it out, and post (in this thread) links to some of the cooler shots you see, by using the "Link To This Page" option in Google Maps. I'll start it off with: MK Auto Plaza...
  4. bamboo7

    Happy Birthday Bamboo7!!!!!!

    IS that the first pitcher or the second one?
  5. bamboo7

    Happy Birthday Bamboo7!!!!!!

    Thanks Everybody!!!
  6. bamboo7

    Spaceship Earth Enhancement Concept Art

    I recently gained access to some concept art for the SSE rehab project. Keep in mind that this was created over 6 months ago, so there is always a chance that things could change a bit in the actual installation. CLICK HERE TO VIEW enjoy. - D...
  7. bamboo7

    Web-Site Updated

    yea, this is what you missed out on.... Iced Tea
  8. bamboo7

    Web-Site Updated

    gary, I am terribly dissapointed in you. Why would you waste time trying to go to gatorland? It's a trash park. And you didn't even go to Animal Kingdom? Although I know there is one located much closer to you..... (Taken in 2003 on Rt 206, near some town whose name I forgot a few years...
  9. bamboo7

    Disney Hangman / Wheel of Fortune!! (without the wheel)

    well, i am gonna be putting in long hours at the forbidden mountain over the next three days (holiday weekend plus daytona 500) so someone else can take the puzzle this time.
  10. bamboo7

    Disney Hangman / Wheel of Fortune!! (without the wheel)

    Unfortunetly, none of them showed up. "we invited distinguished scientists from all over the world to work here"
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