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    If you were relocating. . .

    We live in Clermont by where highway 50 & 27 intersect and it is nice here, quiet and clean.
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    Anything David, Davy, Dave

    One of our fellow members, phonedave.
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    3 Days out give me your best meal at WDW

    So what was your favorite meal? Please post!
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    So I know where I want to go...sort of???

    Our family loves 'Ohana at the Poly and we also love Ragland Road at DTD. Coral Reef is hit or miss but we all did like 50's and MM, if you can get the Fantasmic deal at MM it's great with the special seating for the show. I love the Hollywood Brown Derby at HS but my picky eaters did not. We...
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    Taking us for granted

    We last ate at Tony's during MNSSHP and will not be back. The seafood dish smelled of spoiled fish and I subscribe to the theory if you want your fish to taste like chicken then order chicken. The dish was whisked away and an alternative was offered and declined but there was no way the chef...
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    Need advice for the best stratagy for FP+

    We have annual passes and as we understand it you get 3 FP+'s a day and that's it. How does one go about getting additional fast passes after using your 3 allotted for the day? I would think the best strategy is to go early, ride as much as you can and then use your FP+ selections in the...
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    Your spot to stop and reflect "I just love WDW"

    That monorail aroma reminds me of the rodeo :depressed: At DHS when I use the walkway by the Brown Derby, at MK crossing the bridge headed to Pirates always put a skip in my step. The walkway from the fountain at Epcot to the World Showcase and seeing the different countries across the water...
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    Tips for the (Not)Free Dining Plan

    Yes. She asked him why he worked every weekend as well as teaching and he told her his "real" job is at Disney,it pays for his mortgage and allows his wife to be a stay at home mom. Don't get me wrong, I think being a server takes some skill, remembering what people ordered what and multi...
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    Tips for the (Not)Free Dining Plan

    He wouldn't disclose where but I think it is high end as he's that type of man!
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    Tips for the (Not)Free Dining Plan

    One of my daughters teachers works weekends only as a server at Disney and won't give the job up as he makes over $46,000 a year working weekends only. Believe or not most servers are earning more than I do as a social worker.
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    Tips for the (Not)Free Dining Plan

    One of the things I least enjoy about TS at Disney is wait staff that automatically feel they deserve 20% tip. We had a terrible server recently and it spoiled the meal. When it takes over 20 minutes to get the check a server isn't getting 20% tip from us. I have tipped over 20% before but...
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