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  1. Ariel1986

    Coronado Springs vs Pop Century

    I would jump to CSR in a heartbeat if $200 was the difference for 6 nights! I've stayed at Pop and like Pop, but CSR is MUCH prettier, more romantic, quieter and less garish, relaxing, beautiful upgraded rooms (Pops are great too but the CSR ones top them for me), great pool bar- and the lake...
  2. Ariel1986

    Stupid question, lol this is quicker than the website.

    I wish it was an option online/you could add a card to buy them if waitlisting and availability pops up. I'd be happy to buy extra points, but having to call rules out some availability for popular places or waitlisting.
  3. Ariel1986

    What is your plan of attack for Hollywood Studios?

    That was my plan. 5.30am is still crazy really, but happy to do it once. I guess if there ends up already being crowds so be it.
  4. Ariel1986

    What is your plan of attack for Hollywood Studios?

    How early do you think people are going to get there for the 6am rope drop a month in? Do you think there's really going to be a lot of people at 3/4am?
  5. Ariel1986

    Michael Jackson

    Yes, Britney Spears who very clearly is going through serious mental illness issues at the moment- that have been documented- posting a video of her dancing to a MJ song clearly means more for his innocence than the voices of his alleged victims telling their story. I’m a fan of Britney by the...
  6. Ariel1986

    News Extra Extra Magic Hours This Fall

    Coming from the UK should work even more for you though (I am also from the UK). We always find on the first day or two with the time difference/jet lag that we wake up at stupid o'clock in the morning anyway- and are wide awake. We then have to wait until we can actually do anything as...
  7. Ariel1986

    New Credit Card Authorization Policy HELP

    Ugh- this is crazy and what I was worrying about when I read about this change. Currently I have a pending “hold” charge from a (not a Disney trip) hotel I checked out of 25 days ago. Gone between the hotel and my bank and each says the other is responsible for releasing it. I know it’s normal...
  8. Ariel1986

    Jaleo by José Andrés to open in Disney Springs West Side in early 2019

    This looks great. I wonder if any Dining Plan would cover it. I know that you can have 2 tapas/1 plated dish/paella for two and a dessert on the regular plan.
  9. Ariel1986

    Trip Report Spring Trip To WDW

    Really enjoying this trip report! Liking your touring style. And the offsite food you've recommended so far!
  10. Ariel1986

    Three hotels in 8 days. Are we dumb?

    On our list trip, we had a week in Disney before heading to a friends' wedding in Mexico. We then had 5 nights after the wedding which we planned to spend back at Disney, but we didn't yet have a room booked even up to when we arrived for the first week. We weren't too fussed if those last 5...
  11. Ariel1986

    Wait-list switch- double points taken?

    Thanks- I'm sure it's fixable. Just frustrating! Oh well. Still happy to have gotten Beach Club without too much of a wait!
  12. Ariel1986

    Wait-list switch- double points taken?

    Ok thanks- and argh that's annoying! I was hoping it was a 24 hour/48 hour delay. But I'll give them a call now when they open.
  13. Ariel1986

    Wait-list switch- double points taken?

    Hi So I had wait-listed a studio for Beach Club to switch to from a booking at Saratoga Springs if it became available. First time I've done this. It became available yesterday, so our reservation has been switched automatically- but I have noticed that it's taken the points for Beach Club from...
  14. Ariel1986

    Michael Jackson

    So you have a problem with people sticking to one point of view and not listening or critically thinking about all aspects of a situation. But you're happy to personally paint anyone who disagrees with you and thinks MJ may have been a child abuser with the brush that they are sheep who only...
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