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  1. andysol

    News Splash Mountain retheme to Princess and the Frog - Tiana's Bayou Adventure

    You know what would have been a great story for this ride? “Set in New Orleans during the 1920s, the ride tells the story of a hardworking waitress named Tiana who dreams of opening her own restaurant. After kissing a prince who has been turned into a frog by an evil witch doctor, Tiana becomes...
  2. andysol

    News D23 Expo 2022

    So a bakery that they can get 5 mins from their house is worthy of fainting enthusiasm like they just saw Elvis sing? I mean, I like chipotle… but I’m not gonna cry tears of joy if it popped up in Frontierland
  3. andysol

    News D23 Expo 2022

    umm- 2 Hulks?
  4. andysol

    Changes coming to Rose & Crown?

    No doubt. The regional cuisine alone is why I think America has the best cuisine in the world. Tex mex/Mexican/cali mex. Even southwest food with their chilis are completely different. The bbq variances as you said The pizza variances between Chicago and NY But even the regions such as Deep...
  5. andysol

    Changes coming to Rose & Crown?

    Since we’re on this little tangent and is kind of fun: I disagree and think French cuisine is very good. And strongly disagree regarding Italy. I think it’s incredible. I do agree that Greece and Turkey are huge standouts for me. Very different from one another, too. Eastern Europe also does...
  6. andysol

    News D23 Expo 2022

    Or 9/4, so we could be already have our disappointment behind us instead ahead of us.
  7. andysol

    "Memorandum of Understanding" Exempt Facilities Report (Health/Accident Issues)

    As someone who just came back from safari, I disagree. It enhances the experience and is certainly more authentic.
  8. andysol

    Changes coming to Rose & Crown?

    To everyone languishing any loss of food- Just because it becomes a lounge doesn’t mean food goes by the wayside. -They’ll still have a fully functioning kitchen attached. -They’ll have walk up non-reserved seating -They'll have small bites to order. I’m sure fish and chips will stay, for...
  9. andysol

    News Morocco Pavilion redevelopment

    Because then we couldn’t have a “Raya: Journey through a hodepodge of Southeast Asia” ride. To be fair, it would be absolutely impossible to handle the history of the world. Handling the basics of our democracy/republic of Greece/Rome and where the nation started (Britain) is about all the...
  10. andysol

    Slinky Dog Dash vs Space Mountain

    SDD for me. SM is atrocious and a disgrace in its current state. Slinky isn’t. SM is unridable for me - instant headache. If this was DL or TDL, no contest. But WDW? SM isn’t the no brainer some are thinking it is.
  11. andysol

    Dress code

    Get with the times. We've always been self-obsessed but the last decade has taken it to a whole new level. Although they'll claim "self-expression" or some other nonsense phrase of the time. I can't help but laugh at the irony of posting this question on a public forum.
  12. andysol

    Josh D'Amaro comments on rising prices and "additional" or removed services: "An inevitable result of progress"

    We don’t even know he wanted to buy twitter or if it was just a shrewd business move to be able to dump some stock without it creating uncertainty and drop his value. Even if he loses the lawsuit, which is very unlikely, he’d still come out way ahead. This is actually what I think he did, which...
  13. andysol

    Josh D'Amaro comments on rising prices and "additional" or removed services: "An inevitable result of progress"

    Absolutely not. I always try to learn some common phrases anywhere we go when we travel. I didn’t learn a single one in Japanese outside of good morning, sorry and thanks It was WAY too difficult a language. That said- essentially all signs are in English both in park and in Tokyo itself...
  14. andysol

    Josh D'Amaro comments on rising prices and "additional" or removed services: "An inevitable result of progress"

    If she needs Disney in her life, go to Tokyo. The cost difference even with the flight is negligible if anything at all.
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