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  1. AndyS2992

    Disney Genie, Genie+ officially introduced along with confirmed details of how it will work

    The more I read lightning lane, the more I hate it. Sounds awful.
  2. AndyS2992

    Disney cancels free tickets for Anaheim sixth-graders, cites pandemic - OCR/SCNG

    Very unfortunate and very much in line with the new money grabbing and penny pinching Disney so I'm not at all surprised and well done to all the kids who participated over the years, however, not to be that guy but I think teaching kids that charity work is something that should be done to be...
  3. AndyS2992

    DJ at MK exit

    They had Mickey waving and saying goodbye to everyone leaving from the train station every night during Disneyland Paris's 25th anniversary, not sure why they couldn't do this. But then again, characters slow people down who want to watch rather than leave.
  4. AndyS2992

    Alice doll

    This one? You can order it from the Disney Store website. https://www.shopdisney.com/alice-in-wonderland-by-mary-blair-limited-edition-doll-16-12-460034079203.html
  5. AndyS2992

    Say NO To Genie+ PETITION

    Meh, it’s my understanding that with few people actually paying for Genie+ in comparison to those that used Fastpass+, the standby line is gonna move a lot faster now so whilst disappointing, I’m not against it.
  6. AndyS2992

    Disney After Hours BOO BASH

    It's the first week of school summer holidays here in the UK and Disney is already putting out the Autumn stuff, makes visiting Disney World quite jarring for us Europeans lol Just wait until September 1st.
  7. AndyS2992

    Disney plans to build a massive dynamic art installation on International Drive

    The level of driving in this area is bad enough, don't need any more distractions on the road.
  8. AndyS2992

    Parent swap changes...

    Seems like a perfectly logical move. People are just angry their kids can't ride twice after only waiting once, it's an abuse of the system which in my eyes has now been rightfully corrected. I wasn't even aware you could bring two people, always thought it was one adult + one kid. For a...
  9. AndyS2992

    MAGICal DLP News, Rumours & Thoughts

    Disneyland Paris has had the option for premium Fastpases for a few years now, nothing new. Just the free option has been supposedly been axed. I always visit in the off season where the parks are pretty dead anyway so never use FP but a shame for the summer months I guess.
  10. AndyS2992

    News Disney begins selling cloth face masks featuring Disney characters

    Masks on the Disney UK store have been discounted since at least February, a pack of four was originally £20 and have been £3 now for a while. I guess they really over estimated the demand since they are all still available. https://www.shopdisney.co.uk/search?q=face+covering
  11. AndyS2992

    Mickey & Minnie Getting Married

    Mickey and Minnie are already married. A quote from Walt Disney himself in 1933: "In private life, Mickey is married to Minnie. A lot of people have written to him asking this question, because sometimes he appears to be married to her in his films and other times still courting her. What it...
  12. AndyS2992

    dog friendly resorts

    I thought they scrapped this. Stupid and very unsanitary idea in the first place.
  13. AndyS2992

    ESPN Club Done For Good?

    The problem with Boardwalk is that most people don’t even know it’s there.
  14. AndyS2992

    Parade of Dreams

  15. AndyS2992

    News Evermore Orlando Resort - new billion-dollar, 10,000-room resort project is coming right next to Walt Disney World

    Not quite but there wasn't a global killer disease on the loose either. Edit: Well Swine Flu was a thing but very minor in comparison to what we are dealing with now. All three All Star resorts combined only totals 5,444 rooms, just over half of what this new hotel will be.
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