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  1. Amos1784

    Christmas Music at WDW

    Anyone know when they stop playing the Christmas music around the resort? We will be there 12/30-1/11 I am hoping by the end we will get some regular background music? I enjoy the Christmas music however really missed the normal background loops while we were there over Thanksgiving last year.
  2. Amos1784

    College Football Playoff game watch

    ESPN always sets up tables and TV's outside during busy football times, as well as a bar. We have watched many a Chicago Bears game there and it is a lot of fun. Other places to watch games: Splittsville: You can't guarantee a great seat for the TVs but there are many, they should be able to...
  3. Amos1784

    Adult but not Signature Dinning for dinner

    I also agree with Sanaa as a great choice, however I probably would choose Olivia's at Old Key West. It always has a laid back vibe the resort is very peaceful and it has great food.
  4. Amos1784

    Time from Landing at MCO to Rides

    Yes, do online check in and as soon as your room is ready you will get a text with your room number. Just be aware this is not a normality, especially before noon, we have been probably at least 10-15 times since online check in, I believe our room was ready early 1-2 times out of those times...
  5. Amos1784

    Time from Landing at MCO to Rides

    With checking into your hotel and having them hold bags? And using Disney Transport? If so I am IMPRESSED! 👏 There is only my husband and I and we have never come close to making that happen. Our average wait for ME from MCO is around 30 mins, and we always seem to be the last stop. 😂
  6. Amos1784

    Time from Landing at MCO to Rides

    I think noon is pretty ambitious to be actually in the park, especially as you said you have three little ones its not just you as a single traveler running through the airport. My vote would be for one o'clock that give you really until two to use those passes. If you land at 9:35 (which I...
  7. Amos1784

    Done with French Quarter after 8 stays

    Doesn't move it for us. Don't get me wrong I think Caribbean Beach and Port Orleans resorts are beautiful, but 80ish dollars a night more beautiful? Not for us, I would rather spend that on Signature Dining or Drinks. But, this probably caters to the way we tour, we are in our early 30's with no...
  8. Amos1784

    Dessert Party on Holidays? Specifically NYE

    Does anyone know if they offer Desert parties at MK or Epcot on NYE? I can't find any information on it and my assumption is no but figured I would see if anyone has attended or knows? Next choice would probably be to rent a boat cruise, how far out are you able to reserve those, 180 as well...
  9. Amos1784

    Done with French Quarter after 8 stays

    This is pretty much how I feel about Moderates in General. The up charge is just not worth it, especially after refurbishments at Pop Century. Pop's food court is better there is more variety and seems to be managed better. Art has a great pool. Rooms at Mods vs those two Values are not...
  10. Amos1784

    Best Resort Room for Family of 5?!

    I'm not sure the ages and make up of your family however I would also suggest a one bedroom at Old Key West. The rooms there are huge, you have a full master bedroom with a King Size bed, then in the family room there is a pull out, which is plenty comfortable for two children to share, and...
  11. Amos1784

    What are the best Resort TS restaurants?

    If you have never been to Old Key West, Olivia's is a hidden gem, low key and the property is gorgeous.
  12. Amos1784

    Best Place for Breakfast in the Parks

    Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie this has quickly jumped to one of our favorite meals in the parks. SO many great options and mimosas :inlove:
  13. Amos1784

    Booked Pop Century- Now I'm Regretting It

    Where HAVE you stayed before. I think then that gives a better bottom line of what to compare to.
  14. Amos1784

    Any foods NOT at WDW that you wish were offered somewhere on premises???

    A few I wish WDW had... 1. Great American Waffle company like in Tokyo, maybe with expanded options (savory and sweet) 2. Their own Brewery(s) on property, at one point and time I would say this would never happen however now with the shifting culture to bars/lounges and alcohol never say...
  15. Amos1784

    Fort Wilderness Transportation Questions

    I think one big thing with Disney Transportation is don't over think it. If a bus line is long or a boat line is long MOST of the time you will make it on that bus or boat or the next AND make it to your destination quicker than the work around. It might seem tempting at that time if another...
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