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  1. Amidala

    News Disney updates its legendary Four Keys model to include a fifth key

    I think Jenny Nicholson pretty much hit the nail on the head w/ this one in her twitter thread (link here). I don't think it's an inherently bad thing to emphasize the importance of inclusivity in CM training, but the Four Keys are (were?) a priority ladder, and inclusivity doesn't make sense as...
  2. Amidala

    News Disney extending Walt Disney World Annual Pass duration by an additional month

    Was told by a friend who purchased the $50/a day resident deal that she was asked if she wanted to upgrade to an AP. Wondering if she misunderstood somehow? I'll be at Yacht & Beach today and I'm tempted to ask if buying the $50/a day pass and upgrading is a potential loophole for FL residents...
  3. Amidala

    News Disney extending Walt Disney World Annual Pass duration by an additional month

    Any guesses on when Disney might start selling new APs again? I know there's no saying for sure, but I'm really hoping they'll be available by the holidays ):
  4. Amidala

    Question about rehire

    You can call WDW Casting at (844) 559-2278 and ask directly what your rehire status is. If you were termed for attendance, you'll usually have to wait for the points to drop off (each point will drop off six months from the date you received it) but if it was a more serious offense that might be...
  5. Amidala

    Part Time Hiring

    Hey, so I've worked at WDW before (on a CP) and just finished up an internship over in CA, so I'm looking to move back to FL and work at the parks again. I already booked a trip out and was planning to walk into Casting and hopefully (fingers crossed) get something on the spot. But the WDW jobs...
  6. Amidala

    Abigail Disney Calls Out Iger Over Employee Wages

    Why 2080? Anaheim CMs are struggling to pick up hours lately. I have friends across various departments getting multiple 4-6 hour shifts per week, and it's rumored there's a hiring freeze. You can easily work 13 hours a day at WDW if you want, but you're also getting paid significantly less for...
  7. Amidala

    Abigail Disney Calls Out Iger Over Employee Wages

    It's also inaccurate. Two costumed CMs at Anaheim would make under $57,000 and take home about $25K each after tax. At the Florida parks more like $20K. I'm quoting a Union source that surveyed 17,000 Disneyland cast members. In what way can the question "Have you ever been homeless?" be...
  8. Amidala

    New CM Shift Question

    Yes, I would say so! If you have the free time, you can take it a step further and visit casting in person. Have you not finished your OTJ training? You should be able to pick up shifts as soon as your training is complete. I'd say definitely join the FB group for your area if you haven't already.
  9. Amidala

    Post Your Disney Favorite

    Halloween. Favorite resort water slide?
  10. Amidala

    Disneyland’s Splash Mountain marks 30 wet years on Wednesday, July 17 - OCR/SCNG

    Really great read, agreed on everything. I've been riding the WDW SM since childhood (my favorite ride there) & will be riding the original for the first time next month. Super excited to finally see the differences for myself.
  11. Amidala

    What is something you ALWAYS do in Magic Kingdom?

    Seconding People Mover! Also Splash if I've got FP or the line isn't too crazy. Also usually pop into Cosmic Ray's to say hey to Sonny Eclipse. And FoF 99% of the time, it never gets old.
  12. Amidala

    Abigail Disney Calls Out Iger Over Employee Wages

    No one "deserves" to be homeless or unable to provide for their children & it takes a really serious lack of empathy to say something like that. Disney Aspire is a huge step in the right direction, but remains out of reach for many CMs who are forced to work extremely long hours to support...
  13. Amidala

    Abigail Disney Calls Out Iger Over Employee Wages

    And when 20,000+ DLR employees and 70,000+ WDW employees all collectively leave their jobs for greener pastures, who takes their place? More underpaid workers. How is this a solution? There will always be someone operating your rides, flipping your burgers, selling your merchandise, etc. And...
  14. Amidala

    Just got back from my 11 day stay. We had a blast but feel extorted by Mickey Mouse.

    True! Like I said earlier, I've found some (like Comfort & Holiday Inn) to be pretty cheap w/ better value than lower tier hotels, but I'll gladly stay anywhere...Air B&B, motels, etc. it doesn't matter at all to me personally. Others may feel differently.
  15. Amidala

    Abigail Disney Calls Out Iger Over Employee Wages

    "Nearly three quarters of both full- and part-time employees (73%) reported that they didn’t make enough money from their job at Disneyland Resort DIS, -0.66% to pay for basic expenses each month, according to a survey conducted on behalf of a group of unions by Occidental College and the...
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