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  1. ABQ

    Return to normality tracker

    Still waiting for any sign of the Saratoga Springs Resort & SPA to live up to that name again and actually have the spa return. Unless that was just permanently closed due to the inevitable result of progress. As nothing about it was a free service, I don't understand why it cannot reopen...
  2. ABQ

    News New look for Walt Disney World's EPCOT area Friendship Boats

    The striped scheme took far too much masking tape during repainting, the new scheme takes less labor, a.k.a. it's cheaper.
  3. ABQ

    News EPCOT tours to resume in October

    That was the Wilderness Backtrail Adventure. Would be super boring now as it would go through the flat, empty area cleared as part of the cancelled DVC resort. That was a fun one though on the larger offroad tires.
  4. ABQ

    News Another Fight at Magic Kingdom

    Whatever punishment is levied against the guests in the fight should also be thrown at the video maker for filming in portrait and not landscape. j/k....but maybe not....
  5. ABQ

    News Walt Disney World's iconic Twilight Zone Tower of Terror billboard to be permanently removed

    Maybe they should consider removing this billboard instead, as it seems far less meaningful these days than the ToT one?
  6. ABQ

    Hoop Dee Doo?

    " Also, lots of vloggers/bloggers/and other well-known Disney folks." If all that was taking place in Pioneer Hall was a Mac and Cheese dinner, they'd have shown up. Disney vloggers cannot pass up even the most mundane new food offering, never mind the return of such a classic dinner show.
  7. ABQ

    Return to normality tracker

    No sign of the spa coming back to Saratoga Springs Resort and SPA at this time, is there?
  8. ABQ

    News Walt Disney World's Minnie Van service confirmed to return summer 2022

    Great, though I have to ask, if they can get all these MiniVan drivers, can they not get a couple cast to run the blue flag launches around Bay Lake?
  9. ABQ

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Didn't see this posted in the past week, but a follow up on this very old story. Seems her claims of FL hiding data have no basis in facts. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/florida-ig-report-insufficient-evidence-desantis-critics-claims-covid-rcna30647
  10. ABQ

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    The spelling of the shop is correct. Thank the Phoenicians. Or maybe not, I won't pretend to know the etymology of the shop's name.
  11. ABQ

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    I feel I'm very much in that same camp. Went to WDW in Dec 2020 and even though vaccinations weren't available to me yet, felt OK about the safety as they were still hardcore in terms of limiting people, the presence of sanitizers and all. Then again in Nov 2021, by that point, been vaxxed...
  12. ABQ

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Testing is currently barely taking place. Many are home testing, if testing at all and those results won't be included in any state or federal database. All that can really be looked at for how things are trending in the US are hospitalizations. For that, there is a very slight increase...
  13. ABQ

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Then what would be your explanation for the lack of a second omicron surge as has been seen in the UK? One hypothesis is the lack of vaccination by so many in the US has led to a higher percentage of natural immunity due to infection vs the higher rate of vaccine immunity in the UK which may...
  14. ABQ

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Hadn't seen that link posted, but have been following that data and it supports why we haven't seen much of a surge in hospitalizations even after the latest subvariant of omicron has pretty much pushed the last one out. As testing is too low, the case count here is pretty much bunk...
  15. ABQ

    64 World's Fair film

    Didn't know where to place this, so I'll just assume You Tube belongs in this forum. Happened to come across this channel, PeriscopeFilm which has a film of the 64 World's Fair. Has some footage I'd not seen before. Some a bit dark, sadly, have to forgive them, the footage is very old...
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