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Recent content by AarronAarron

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    Any updates on slinky’s tail?

    The tail is back on the ride?
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    Any updates on slinky’s tail?

    Does anyone thats at in Disneyworld have any update on slinky’s tail orhave any idea when it will be back on the coaster? Leaving in a week and want to know.
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    Magic Bands now picked up at hotel?

    I have a stay coming up in january and when i go to customize my magic bands it says "Complete order by January 15, 2019 for pickup at check-in." Are bands not shipped anymore?
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    Dairy Free

    My vacation starts in a few weeks and unfortunetly, i have a dairy allegry. I was wondering if there's anyone like me who has gone with a similar issue and can tell me exactly what i'm in for limited menu wise...
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