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Dairy Free


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My vacation starts in a few weeks and unfortunetly, i have a dairy allegry. I was wondering if there's anyone like me who has gone with a similar issue and can tell me exactly what i'm in for limited menu wise...


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Congrats on your upcoming trip. Others will be able to answer your inquiry more directly, but what I do know from having another food allergy and having Disne6 traveling family with more complex food issues is that Disney is awesome about accommodating your dietary needs to ensure you are safe and healthy while on property.

If you make a reservation, be sure to note it in your reservation and for QS spots, just be sure to let them know.


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Totally agree. My wife has a shellfish allergy and each restaurant is very accommodating to her. The chefs always come out to talk to her and discuss her food order at the table. Just let them know and they will take care of you.


I have one family member with a dairy allergy and also can’t have hot spices like black pepper and another family member has a sensitivity to salt so we have to eat all meals TS and Disney does a great job. We can even eat at buffets and dinner shows. I do know for a snack the dole whip is dairy free.


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Disney does an awesome job, and I think you’ll find yourself not really “limited” at all. My mom could not believe all the great options they gave her on a dairy-free menu and she couldn’t stop thanking me for making note of her lactose-intolerance on our ADRs so it wasn’t something she had to worry about. Enjoy your trip!!


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Get it noted on any ADRs you have. The restaurant will either bring out an allergy menu to show what dishes are accommodating for what allergies, or have the chef come out and talk to you. Any TS location will have a binder full of all the ingredients they use in each dish, ask the cashier to see that to make your orders. It may take a little bit for your food to come out as it may need to be cooked separately, but it's a common occurrence. There are plenty of sites like http://www.glutenfreedairyfreewdw.com/ that detail recent experiences so you can see what your options will be.


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Don't worry! Disney is great with diet restrictions. Vegans seem to do incredibly well at Disney, so dairy should not be a problem. As others have said, let the server know and the Chef will accommodate. I'd go ahead and add it when you make any reservations.
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