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    Unmagical Day at the Magic Kingdom

    Unmagical day at the Taco Bell Let me start out by saying that I love Taco Bell, or at least I did until my recent trip on Tuesday, June 11, 2019. I have been to New Jersey at least twenty times. I honeymooned at Taco Bell. I have Taco Bell stock. I never ever thought I would ever write a...
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    Rumor Brazil (and maybe others) Pavilion Coming to Epcot [not about Brazilian people nor a country wish list]

    i'll believe that world showcase is getting a brazil pavilion when i'm sitting in rio staring at spaceship earth while eating acaraje and listening to chico buarque
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    What is the worst ride in Epcot? (Quality-wise)

    the screens with nemo and friends
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    Worst Walt Disney World Attraction

    the magic carpets. soulless copy of dumbo, needlessly takes up space and clogs up that entire area of adventureland. i came close to voting for journey 3.0 but the references to late 60s kurt russell medfield college disney films alone kept me from it. i've never even given primeval whirl a...
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    Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle! Coming to Hong Kong Disneyland in 2019

    yiiiiiiikes. they really thought this was okay? if i stood in a queue for more than five minutes just to coast through this nothingness i would feel so insulted
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    Rock n Coaster Queen revamp?

    17 minute ride experience set to Sister Ray by the Velvet Underground
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    Are you a WDW loyalist or another type?

    I voted for "I go to Universal, SeaWorld etc. as well as WDW" but I actively avoid SeaWorld for the usual reasons someone would want to. I have been to Universal and loved it but my heart is fully in WDW. I even take my loyalty and fervor to the strange degree of, like, not wearing Universal...
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    Incident at Epcot today(March 6th)

    EFCOT experimental fight club of tomorrow
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    Unmagical Day at the Magic Kingdom

    just got word they're painting katiebug's post over the purple wall
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    Here’s to Hoot and Chief...

    speaking of him, anyone see his latest video where he climbs on and around big thunder after hours? big yikes
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    When CM's Go a Bit Overboard

    this is completely off topic but it needs to be said. if there were ever an academy awards for profile pictures you would take home oscars for every category and all of them would be landslides
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    Which Magic Kingdom mountain is the best?

    my instinctive response is splash. the ideal, the model, the sgt. pepper's of disney attractions (gonna go with this comparison despite my personal opinion of that album). it's well-rounded and impeccably balanced, beautifully crafted, the songs are wonderfully baroque in that classic disney...
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    What IP, in your opinion, was the original frozen/star wars/marvel? (AKA overused/overstuffed)

    crimestoppers would have been a very cool ride but the AAs of the surreal-face goons would have been, without a doubt, the scariest AAs on property. imagine careening through a dimly lit alleyway scene and coming face to ᶠᵃᶜᵉ with this
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