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What’s your high score on Buzz and Toy Story Midway Mania? :) And, if you’ve been to Universal, what’s your high score on Men in Black? :)
I’m surprised you liked a few of my posts.

Perhaps world peace can be achieved after all? 🤔
Hey I hate to be a bother but could someone please approve my thread in General? It's been sitting there for 13 hours waiting for approval. :(
Why oh why can't we just win the jackpot lottery and go live in the Disney Bubble permanently?
Ready for April Showers!
Got some April SNOW around northern US parts if you want some of that action. ;P
These people are insane and their judgement is so clouded by their addiction.
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I don't get it. this is a pretty no brainer.
like any addiction, you try to justify it in your head. I'm sure I'm not the most well-liked poster by many right now, but to be honest I'm so tired of people thinking that they could do what they want and we as non-smokers have to life with it.
Just in case you return to this site in the future. I wonder how you feel about the Disney/Fox Merger that just happened recently? Along with new people hired to Peter Doctor To Lead Pixar, and Jennifer Lee for Walt Disney Animation.
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