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XFL; Now Defunct


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All 8 teams have been revealed. Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington, D.C., Tampa, New York and St. Louis will be host cities in the league, which will begin play in February 2020.


Who's excited?


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Here are the team names
St. Louis Battlehawks
Tampa Bay Vipers
New York Guardians
Seattle Dragons
Los Angeles Wildcats
D.C. Defenders
Houston Roughnecks
Dallas Renegades



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In the Parks
I hope they can stay open and provide good football. I was watching at AFF (Alliance of American Football) games and they had some really good talent. Orlando had a great team and I was sad to see them fold.


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I think this version of the XFL will stick around for a little while because it's lot more professionally done than the first incarnation.


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This starts up next week and while I don't have much of a dog in this fight so to speak due to no Philly teams, but I want Vince's idea to succeed this go-round. The last one was too WWE-esque for me.

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