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i was wondering how you who have worked (or are working) in disney world got your jobs there, if it was a part of a co-op training program through school or jsut applied somewhere, im only 16 but it would be a really good experience for me . . and i love it there!


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Lots of ppl get in via the WDW college program........I can tell ya pretty much anything about the program. I'm 17 and hope to participate in it once in college(still have senior year to go). Heres a link to a WDWCP web ring......check ALL the sites out, they'll tell ya everything ya want to know about the program If ya have any questions just e-mail me, my addy is in my profile.


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If you are american, you can do the College Program once you are 18 (I think that is the minimum age). As far as I know some schools credit you for it, you have to check with yours.

Here´s another link for you to see...

Good Luck!

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