What Is Your WDW Resort History?


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I'm curious if the 20 or so times at one resort is a day or more than a week?
For us, it's usually 6-7 days for each of our trips. I think our shortest trip ever has been 5 days, the longest has been 15. We are DVC owners at AKL and bought in on year one of availability. Plus, we have gone a few times before they were DVC.


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3 times off property 1976, 1993, 2023
Fort Wilderness campgrounds 1997 (in a tent!)
POFQ 1999, 2006, 2010, 2012, 2013
Caribbean Beach Resort 2004 and 2015
Saratoga Springs 2015
The Boardwalk 2017, 2023
AKL Kidnai 2019, 2021
PORS 2023

Most stays were 7 or more. Upcoming trip in January to POFQ. Just the 2 of us!


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We started at Caribbean Beach in ‘88 for many, many years. Then they offered us Yacht Club for thé price of Caribbean in 2002. We became Deluxe hooked.
Fortunately the Great Recession allowed us to stay at Yacht, Beach, BoardWalk very often, with single stays at Poly and Wilderness during that same time frame. Club Level too!
When the Recession ended, we got lucky renting points at AKL, Contemp, BWV, and OKW. It was another great time.
Then Covid happened, prices skyrocketed, discounts dried up, and we stay at Pop or Swolphin. We vacation far less at Disney now and are okay with it. Most trips center around a runDisney weekend.

Many, Many Stays:
Caribbean Beach
Yacht Club
BoardWalk Inn
Pop Century

Just a Few Stays:
Swan & Dolphin
Dixie Landings & Riverside
Beach Club

One & Done:
Wilderness Lodge
Art of Animation


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I don't know that I remember them all in order, but I will try to do this in the order that I've stayed on property. I'll add the number of times I've returned. If my husband is with me, we stay Deluxe. If I'm by myself or with a friend, then I typically lean moderate or value.

All Star Music
Beach Club (2X)
Animal Kingdom Lodge (3X)
Yacht Club (4X?)
Pop (4X)
Swan & Dolphin (1X each)
Art of Animation
Caribbean Beach (2X)
French Quarter
Saratoga Springs (3X)
Old Key West (2x)


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I have no idea how many times I have been to WDW, let alone where I stayed.

I do know a few of the "low count" ones.

Pop - 3X
PO - Riverside - 1X
PO - FQ - 1X
Riviera - 1X
Treehouses - 1X (I guess technically this is SSR)

Then it gets hazy

Old Key West
Saratoga Springs
Beach Club
Wilderness Lodge

All many, many times.

Basically I started going, stayed at Pop a few times, made the jump to a moderate and then fell into the DVC trap.
We have our go-to DVC resorts we like - for room accommodations, point cost, and availability, and since we own at SSR, that is our fallback option.

For a time, I used to fly into Tampa a lot for work. I was single, had an AP, and was DVC. I would extend my flight, and just shoot up to WDW for a day or two. That boosts the number of separate stays (usually at SSR).


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Here's mine:
Polynesian (10x)
Port Orleans Riverside (2x)
Contemporary (1x)
Grand Floridian (1x)
Wilderness Lodge (1x)
Dolphin (1x)
Port Orleans French Quarter (1x)
Coronado Springs (1x)
Caribbean Beach (1x)
Pop Century (1x)
All Star Music (1x)
All Star Sports (1x)
Did all of these minus the All Star resorts. Add in the Swan, saratoga springs and Animal kingdom lodge, stayed at the old Grossvenor resort in the disney village, plus Howard Johnston there in 1990. Not sure if they count but did stay at Hyatt Grand Cypress and Waldorf Astoria. Hyatt used to be a disney preferred hotel and Waldorf now is.

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