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What is return first?

Which entertainment will return first?

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i think parades will return but different fairly soon.. i think it might be more like calvacades but the parade (no set time) but thats harder for the big night time parades. I think they want to get away from people lining up for hours and staking claim to walking area for a parade at a scheduled time. I think even before the virus this was an issue, so id hope they are brainstorming for a fix. If they had room i think a parade route with nothing else on it would be ideal but i dont see the space or that happening. Imagine streets of america in its last years just be a parade route with nothing else going on there. That way if people want to sit there all day and camp out, it really doesnt matter. Could they do that in the area where the theater was going to go?


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Full Shows. Disney has better control over guests for them. They already have the ability to space out people and manage their seating areas, entry flow and exits. When performers are ready to return the shows will be more likely to be first. Parade routes and fireworks drawing huge numbers of guests are unmanageable and chaotic mess for CM’s ability to handle guests placement and behavior.

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