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Originally posted by Goofyteen
Somebody needs to start a Disney Teens site or forum. lol

lol.....i think this DEFINATLY needs to go into chit chat now lol

Talk to you all when I get back!


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Originally posted by OldKeyWest24
how can i get in the cool group!! do i hafta be a cheerleader :(


Ha ha! Well, I'm in this cool group I guess cause I'm a teen, or something... (yeah, right, me? Cool group? Pvvvt) Yeah, and you don't even need to be a cheerleader to be in the cool group here, everyone is special in their own way, oh great, now I'm sounding like a self-help-group. Anyway, I find now that it is my official job to freak wdwprincess03 out now, cause she says I do it alot :lol: Anyway, I don't really know why i didn't put this in the chit chat section, maybe it's got something to do with the fact that I'm stupid, I'll try and figure it all out later, hmm... (oh, and I know this post was completely pointless)


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Originally posted by OldKeyWest24
boy oh boy, i hope people miss me this much when i leave in two weeks! lol

I will be out of the forums from Saturday to Wednesday... I hope so too! :D ;)


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Hi, Kelly, and welcome back - I missed you, too, even if I am just a LITTLE BIT OLDER than some of the other contributors to this thread!!!

Hope you had a great time.


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Welcome back Kelly. Just sorry it is back to Michgian weather!:lol:

I don't know how this ended up the teenage thread. I am with figment mom, just a little too old for that :lookaroun

Looking foward to seeing the pictures (by the way someone really need to bring the post pictures of you vaction thread back to life, wink wink!)

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